Saving Livelihoods And Lives: YPO Members Launch Manufacturing Coalition To Streamlined U.S. Supply Chain To Meet Coronavirus Healthcare Needs

WASHINGTON — April 13, 2020 — The nation, and world, are facing huge uncertainty due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and some of the most dire needs include medical devices, products, supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) for essential workers. Manufacturing Coalition represents hundreds of manufacturing companies nationwide, who have come together to offer these imminently demanded resources and services to help the U.S. during this time of crisis.

The global leadership community of YPO is made up of over 29,000 chief executives who are driven by the belief that the world needs better leaders. Each of the members have achieved significant leadership success at a young age, these are leaders who want to become better leaders and better people through peer learning and exceptional experiences and operate already as an inclusive community that is built on trust. Key leaders from within the organization stepped up early this week and have worked tirelessly to coordinate a trusted supply chain to U.S. companies in a time of need to supply much needed PPE.

“We are American entrepreneurs, we have manufacturing capabilities, we want to help and we know how to help,” said Manufacturing Coalition Lead Shirish Pareek. “This coalition represents over 200 manufacturers located in 30 states. We are uniting to solve the COVID-19 supply challenges and by doing so we are not only saving lives but saving livelihoods.”

Given a drastic decrease in exports from select countries combined with a huge increase in demand due to the global outbreak, manufacturers of PPE are reporting challenges in meeting order demands. The members of the Manufacturing Coalition are united Americans of states, joining forces to combat supply chain issues and create long term nearshoring solutions while meeting the short term need of maintaining the U.S. workforce. The alliance aims to combine the expertise and knowledge within the manufacturing members to support the public and private sectors in their efforts to mitigate against the COVID-19 spread and assist essential workers who are in dire need of PPE.

Meeting this demand head on, a vast majority of coalition members can pivot their production lines to create COVID-19 related products and supplies such as N95 masks, disposable gloves, sanitizing gels and liquids, ventilators and ventilator housings, COVID-19 testing kits, aluminum components for blood analysis tools, and more in less than seven days and begin distribution as needed at a fair cost. This swift transition is possible because members have diverse manufacturing capabilities including: Metal/Pre-Fabrication, Food and Beverage, Medical device manufacturing, Clothing and Textile, Injection Molding, Petroleum, Chemicals, Plastics, Transportation and Supply Chain, Paper and Wood and 3D printing. While some members produce finished goods, others supply much needed components and raw materials.

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to spread, resources are becoming increasingly limited and those on the frontline such as physicians, nurses, emergency responders, food service workers, security, and any other professional who directly or indirectly supports patient care face high risks of becoming infected themselves.

“As business leaders, we have asked ourselves how we can support efforts to contain COVID-19, and address avenues to help protect both patients and frontline workers, while keeping Americans employed,” said Pareek. “Pivoting our product lines with speed and agility to create efficient supply chain connections amongst coalition members is our solution.”

Posted April 13, 2020

Source: Manufacturing Coalition