Minnesota Based Airtex Group | Acme Made Pivot Manufacturing To Help Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

MINNEAPOLIS — April 21, 2020 — Responding with urgency to the national Covid-19 pandemic, Minneapolis based textile manufacturer, Airtex Group | Acme Made, has pivoted their manufacturing operation at its Minnesota facility to provide critical personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies for front line doctors, nurses and medical professionals.

Airtex Group | Acme Made, normally a textile manufacturer designing and producing products such as high-end linen window coverings, pillows, throws, and bags, was well positioned to redeploy their workforce to sew gowns, non-surgical facemasks and assemble face shields.

“Our talented team of designers and operations staff knew exactly what to do when presented with the need for PPE gear,” said CEO Mike Miller. “In addition to our consumer home textile business, we have many business to business customers in the medical industry, so we used strong connections and supply chain expertise to get raw materials into the factory quickly,” added Miller.

The gowns are classified as Level 2 Isolation wear made from an innovative recycled material that allows moisture to pass from the inside while shielding fluids from the outside. With a softer and thinner material, this gown is lighter than most Isolation level 2 gowns, an important attribute when worn for long periods of time. The gown meets various medical industry standards for resistance of materials used in protective clothing.

“Our number one priority is keeping our team healthy, so we’ve stepped up normally stringent standards for cleaning and monitoring everyone’s health under CDC guidelines,” added Miller. “We feel very fortunate that our team has had no issues and that we’ve been able to keep everyone employed.”

The Acme Made branded Miller Face Mask is pleated, with an adjustable nose bridge and includes an interior pocket where a replaceable filter can be used for multiple use applications. The Acme Made branded Walker Face Mask is a center stitched mask with an adjustable nose bridge. Both products are made from unused upcycled scrap fabrics and available online at AcmeMade.com for consumers and businesses.

Posted April 21, 2020

Source: Acme Made