PureCare Begins U.S. Manufacturing

PHOENIX, Ariz. — March 30, 2020 — PureCare, a producer of wellness-focused sleep essentials, has begun manufacturing pillows in the United States — a move the company said significantly expands and improves its ability to serve a wider variety of customers.

PureCare partnered with Italy-based manufacturing technology provider Brighi Tech Innovations to develop and install a cutting-edge pillow manufacturing system with optimal versatility to make many types of pillows along with greater flexibility and control over quantities and cost.

From its 120,000-square-foot factory and headquarters in Phoenix, PureCare can now produce up to 5,600 pillows a day. Startup production currently is around 70 percent of full capacity, according to Sean Bergman, PureCare COO.

CEO Jeff Bergman said, “We recognized years ago the need to diversify our business to continue the tremendous growth we’ve had from day one, and domestic manufacturing was going to be key to expanding our footprint among specialty mattress and furniture retailers, mass merchants and hospitality markets.”

He explained that while PureCare claims a large part of the foam pillow market, about 70 percent of the overall market is in fiber and blended pillows. To capture that and continue its double-digit growth trajectory every year, PureCare teamed up with Brighi to design a pillow manufacturing system capable of blowing fiber, ball fiber, Microfiber, shredded visco-elastic foam and latex rubber foam, and a combination of shredded foam and fiber. The new machinery also has roll-pack and flat-pack capability, which reduces shipping costs.

The new pillow manufacturing equipment occupies about 25 percent of the Phoenix facility, and company officials said there are plans to expand with additional lines and cut-and-sew operations.

“PureCare already brings tremendous value to the category because we are the leaders in terms of quality and wellness focus, and now with manufacturing in the U.S., we are better able to answer the growing consumer demand for high quality products that enhance the sleep environment and offer real wellness benefits at more accessible prices,” said Sean Bergman.

PureCare officials estimated they have invested $2 million in its domestic pillow manufacturing, which includes the Brighi machinery, a CubiScan system to increase efficiency in inventory handling and logistics, and fiber and packaging materials.

Integral to PureCare’s domestic production is the close collaboration with Brighi Tech Innovations. Both companies share customer-centric and family-run philosophy and approach to doing business along with the attention to details that result in the highest quality product, said Jeff Bergman.

“We researched pillow machinery manufacturers from several different countries, and Brighi by far offered the most sophisticated and precise system to achieve our goal of producing the finest products with the finest materials,” he added. “Relationships are so important to us, whether it’s a customer, retail partner or supplier, and the decision to partner with Brighi has been a result of many years of developing trust and respect for our shared pursuit of quality.”

Posted March 31, 2020

Source: PureCare