Dry-Tex Introduces New Dye Mill Operations, Leading To Vertical Integration

SHAOXING, China — March 17, 2020 — Dry-Tex — a manufacturer of knit, woven, and laminated fabrics — has officially launched its new dyeing facility. Located nearly 120 miles south of Shanghai, the facility is running at full capacity dyeing nearly 70,000 meters of fabric a day.

Connected to its central command system, all of the machinery in the dye facility are completely controlled by computers. The computer systems allow for greater color accuracy and provide a means of catching any issues before they arise. Furthermore, the dye mill boasts an eco-friendly feature, as its new membrane filtration system will allow the facility to re-use up to 70 percent of the water consumed from the dyeing process.

Moreover, with the introduction of its dyeing capabilities, Dry-Tex is now a vertically integrated textile mill. This is a result of dyeing sitting prominently among the company’s portfolio of products and services that already includes research & development, fabric testing, yarn manufacturing, weaving, and lamination.

“I’m excited we can now provide all necessary textile services under one roof because that gives us a competitive advantage in this industry,” said Andy Dong, president of Dry-Tex. “And since we’re not wasting water, which has always been a huge concern for other dye facilities, we’re not just able to make high-quality fabrics, we can make high-quality fabrics responsibly.”

In terms of responsibility, Dry-Tex sits among a new breed of Chinese companies dedicated to self-imposed sustainability initiatives. In fact, in 2019, in concert with the development of its dye mill, Dry-Tex installed an array of solar panels on its roof. Converting sunlight into clean energy, the solar panels have a peak power of 1,819 kiloWatts, which is estimated as being enough energy to support 100 families for one year.

Long recognized for its commitment to sustainable practices, Dry-Tex is highly selective in its partnerships, working primarily with others who prioritize sustainability. One such partner is Concept III, a worldwide resource for the procurement and development of innovative textile solutions for the outdoor industry.

“Because we like to emphasize conservation and environmental protection, we’ve always been proud to work alongside Dry-Tex,” said Chris Parkes, president of Concept III. “Now, with their dyeing capabilities and their unique ability to radically lower water consumption, we couldn’t be prouder to collaborate with them.”

Today, with a client list including some of the world’s largest clothing brands, Dry-Tex products can primarily be found in performance apparel and outdoor gear. Moving forward, Dry-Tex will add new machines which will expand its operations, allowing it to generate and dye up to 120,000 meters of fabric a day.

Posted March 17, 2020

Source: Dry-Tex