Boger & O’Hearn Designated As A COVID-19 Essential Service By US DOD, Homeland Security And State Of Massachusetts

FALL RIVER, Mass. — March 31, 2020 — Operations throughout Bolger & O’Hearn’s Fall River, Mass., R&D labs and manufacturing facilities will remain open as the company provides brands and textile manufacturers with the chemistries they need to make personal protective equipment (PPE) and other textile end products essential to fight COVID-19.

The majority of chemistries manufactured by B&O include specialty coatings formulated specifically for the medical, military and personal care industries. End products include masks, lab coats, surgical gowns, medical drapes, high performance rain proof tenting and many other products needed now to combat COVID-19.

Although Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has ordered many companies in his state to shut down, B&O has been designated as a COVID-19 Essential Service and part of the nation’s critical manufacturing infrastructure through the duration of this national emergency.

In addition, the US Departments of Defense and Homeland Security have instructed companies that operate within the Defense Industrial Base Essential Critical Infrastructure, as well as suppliers to companies in that base, to maintain full operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. B&O is one such company, serving numerous companies that make military apparel and gear or fabrics for the military and medical markets

During this crisis, “We will stay open and proactive to keep our employees safe and maintain operations as we work with our country to help stop the spread of this disease,” said Mohan Rao, technology director for Textile Innovations at B&O.

“We are adhering to all social distancing rules and regulations identified by the Massachusetts State Department of Health’s COVID-19 guidelines,” added Frank Keohan, B&O’s senior technology manager. “We are also adhering to all COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Bolger & O’Hearn is known and respected throughout the industries it serves as a trusted partner and developer of innovative, highly-effective chemical products. A bluesign system partner, B&O is also known for developing chemical products based on environmentally-compliant materials and technologies. Most of their chemistries are water-based, and Boger & O’Hearn strives to continually improve the health, safety and environmental profiles of the chemistries they develop.

Posted March 31, 2020

Source:  Boger & O’Hearn