Diversification, Sustainable Quality And Personalised Services: The Key Points In The Canclini 1925 Strategy For 2020

COMO, Italy — February 5, 2020 — Canclini 1925 starts the new year by setting out guidelines for the future, focusing on a diversified product range, increasingly heterogeneous and green, as well as introducing all the novelties in the 2021 spring-summer collection. It is worth mentioning, in this regard, the two new lines Per Lei and Beachwear, introducing a targeted trade fair pathway. Our strategy aims at greater product and market diversification, steadily keeping an eye on the quality of products and on the manufacturing process which needs to be even more ethical, innovative and sustainable.

Milano Unica (February 4-6), Première Vision Paris (11-13 February) and Milano Unica Shanghai (March 11-13), are the designated stages where the company — a point of reference when it comes to shirt fabrics — will be introducing the latest novelties of its 2021 SS collection.

Per Lei and Beachwear: a new extended product range

Constant attention to the market and to new trends lead to new and exciting interpretations in the 2021 SS product range. As a result of this approach, two collections have been designed to encompass new worlds and products, leading to an offer which is sustainable and of outstanding quality at once. The line Per Lei includes stylish fabrics with a totally feminine allure.

We wish to leave our comfort zone and explore a field outside men’s apparel, relying on our expertise, using it to the advantage of other types of fabrics; the Per Lei range has been designed both for a young and dynamic woman and for a successful woman, catering for both formal and more casual occasions.
The Beachwear range, on the other hand, is characterized by its colorful and lively interpretations, with a distinctly summertime mood, presented on appropriate foundations.

Last but not least the restyled Blue 1925 line, with denim and non-denim fabrics, offering a wide and multi-faceted range of concepts, for customizable, creative and adjustable projects for any outfit.

The 2021 SS collection: a continuing history of sustainability

Attention to research and the development of sustainable solutions has been rooted in the DNA of Canclini 1925 for decades, and its new 2021 SS collection is even more focused on green concepts. Innovation, energy impact and choice of raw materials are the distinctive traits of the company which, for the new range too, uses sustainable fibers such as TENCEL™ and Cupro, bio cotton, organic linen and recycled man-made fibers. Hence, a comprehensive and diversified range, which includes classic fabrics with a restyled touch. From the inimitable Lini by Canclini, to items with a high sustainable innovation rate, for example Madre Terra, Bio or Recycled, our range also includes a sports section, increasingly structured, as well as print proposals. Also worth mentioning are the restyled fabrics called Easy Life, which are low-maintenance, and the new Techno Shirt capsule, where formal meets sporty, in a perfect synthesis of versatile and highly eco-performing products, thanks to the use of man-made fibres.

A truly sustainable approach, also confirmed by the numerous certifications awarded over the years, including GOTS, GRS and BCI. Our philosophy is not limited to the product, it covers all aspects of contemporary business, promoting an ethical and philosophical vision aimed at a circular economy, mindful of the environment and of human beings. From the recycling of waste and plastics, to social commitment through the charity “Un sorriso in più” https://www.unsorrisoinpiu.it/: all of this is geared towards an all-round sustainable innovation pathway.

“To deal with the philosophical and ethical evolution now underway, we are proud to put to the service of products and processes our consolidated culture of sustainability: an all-encompassing approach to wellbeing, protection of the planet and its inhabitants, in order to offer ever-evolving products, which also tell about our history of respect and commitment” said Mauro Canclini, Creative Director at Canclini 1925.

Posted February 5, 2020

Source: CANCLINI 1925