Chomarat, Shortlisted For A JEC Innovation Awards With G-FLOW™, A Structural Flow Media Developed In Partnership With Groupe Beneteau

PARIS — February 4, 2020 — Chomarat Group is a finalist of the JEC Innovation Awards in the Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding category. The Group developed G-FLOW™ 980L, a structural flow media with 100-percent glass fiber for use in boat production using the resin infusion process, in collaboration with Groupe Beneteau. “The challenge was to develop a fabric with high permeability in all directions that can be integrated into the structure of large composite parts without damaging their mechanical characteristics, while reducing infusion process costs. And we succeeded, thanks to our collaborative work and long term partnership with Groupe Beneteau team,” explains Claude Chabal, product manager at Chomarat.

The result? An innovative design which brings unprecedented flow performance and superior mechanical properties.

Towards Greener Composite Materials

In addition to lightweighting, the use of G-FLOW reinforcement in the resin infusion process reduces the impact on health and the environment, through a reduction in consumables and waste: 50% fewer consumables used for resin supply networks compared with previous solutions and a 7% reduction in resin consumption, offering better cycle time as well as labour and material costs savings.

Besides, G-FLOW can replace any flow media in large-scale parts using the resin infusion process for the same mechanical properties, offering two products in one. “G-FLOW™ 980L meets all our expectations: isotropic permeability, mechanical performance and overall cost savings,” adds Damien Barre, Head of Project for composite materials R&D at Groupe Beneteau.

Increasing The Use Of The Infusion Process

With this new solution, Chomarat facilitates and reduces the costs of large composite parts using the resin infusion process and thereby helps to develop the use of infusion with these specifications. “Closed mold and particularly infusion process ensure a better part consistency and repeatability and provide better working conditions,” says Vincent Cholvy, Marine Market Manager at Chomarat.

G-FLOW, a patented solution by Chomarat, has been used in more than 500 boats (15 models) since 2018 and can be applied to different parts and new ranges.
“We hope to win this award, as it represents true recognition from the profession for our innovation!” he concludes.

Posted February 12, 2020

Source: Chomarat