American Composite Manufacturers Association Relaunches Energy Solutions Through A Partnership With Energy Professionals

CLEARWATER, Fla. — February 20, 2020 — U.S. manufacturers help raise living standard and generate more economic activity than any other sector yet are facing increasing challenges regarding safety and regulations, labor shortages, automation and above all, the constant chase for improving efficiency and growing profitability — in which energy usage plays no small part.

As part of the American Composite Manufacturers Association’s (ACMA’s) membership affinity programs, Energy Professionals will start to provide personalized energy consulting services at no cost to members through a wide array of energy solutions that include:

Locating the best electricity and natural gas pricing, power factor correction, IoT and energy intelligence solutions, energy efficiency strategies, demand response and peak demand management, onsite generation and renewable energy for those with sustainability goals.

Though energy consumption varies by manufacturer, better energy management is a primary way to increase profits. By partnering with Energy Professionals, the ACMA provides energy solutions as a major benefit to its members:

“This is one of our most under-utilized member benefits at ACMA and one that has significant potential cost-savings for composites companies,” says Scott Lindley, ACMA’s vice president for Membership, Marketing and Sales. “We’ve had several members report 5-figure savings in yearly energy costs by simply having Energy Professionals analyze their energy usage and negotiate for better rates.”

To which Jim Mathers, a nuclear engineer and president of Energy Professionals added: “We are very excited about helping the ACMA. Manufacturers have a lot to gain from energy solutions. Just last year we helped an Indiana cement plant reduce their energy costs by $500,000.”

Posted February 20, 2020

Source: Energy Professionals, LLC; American Composites Manufacturers Association