AKAS Tex Is Now Licensed By Cotton Inc. As Provider Of The TransDRY™ Finishing Technology

BENSALEM, Pa. — February 1, 2020 — Textile manufacturer AKAS Tex is proud to announce that it is now a licensed provider of TransDRY™ Finishing Technology by Cotton, Inc. TransDRY™ technology is a high-tech application that manages moisture, enabling fabrics to wick it away from the body. Its patented technology works better than or as well as the most high-performance synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics worn by athletes and amateurs alike.

Typical cotton textiles quickly absorb moisture and can become saturated, holding up to 20-40 percent more moisture than synthetic materials. TransDRY technology fabrics dry just as fast or faster than similar synthetic products by absorbing less moisture and spreading it more quickly. Fast evaporation of moisture means that wearers stay cooler and drier, whether they’re working out at the gym, running a marathon or taking a yoga class. With TransDRY technology, wearers enjoy the breathability and comfort of cotton with the added comfort of a stay-dry feel due to its fast-drying performance. This versatile finish can be used across all knit and woven product categories and is durable throughout the lifetime of the garment.

“We’re pleased to provide manufacturers and consumers with a product that works in such a unique manner — the TransDRY technology keeps wearers dry by reducing the overall capacity of the fabric to retain moisture. It creates channels that enable more movement and distribution of moisture away from the body. Because moisture is spread over a greater surface area, it evaporates faster. Combined with the breathability of cotton, it keeps the wearer cooler and drier than traditional synthetic wicking fabrics,” says Sid Sharma, president of AKAS Tex.

As one of the select few licensed providers of TransDRY Technology in North America, AKAS Tex is already making fabrics using this technology for select customers and is gearing up to offer this amazing material to manufacturers and other businesses that create and sell moisture-wicking garments, socks and more.

AKAS Tex is a family-owned and -operated technical textiles manufacturer that has offered locally-sourced, made in the USA fabrics for decades. It is committed to quality assurance, green manufacturing, great value, and quick turnaround in a wide range of industries: including apparel, automotive, food, furniture, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, the military, and more.  A global manufacturer of proprietary textiles for clients around the world, AKAS Tex designs and produces innovative, high-performance fabrics that provide effective, affordable textile solutions.

Posted February 3, 2020

Source: AKAS Tex