Hexcel provides HiTape® Dry Carbon Tapes For Madshus Skis

STAMFORD, Conn. — January 13, 2020 — Hexcel is collaborating with Madshus, an innovator in the world of cross-country skiing, on the engineering of a range of next-generation dry carbon fiber tapes for Madshus’ acclaimed cross-country racing skies. Hexcel’s new HiTape® Dry Carbon Tapes improve the performance, manufacturing efficiency and surface finish of Madshus Skis. Hexcel supplies Madshus with three different HiTape products based on the specific design parameters of different cross-country ski types. The advanced carbon fiber tapes produce less fuzz in production and meet tight tolerances for aerial weight and width. The company is now delivering nearly 500,000lm of HiTape per year with strong customer demand forecast to increase volumes in the very near future.

HiTape is a true high-performance dry UD tape, manufactured with industrial grade fiber with aerial weights from 120-250 grams per square meter and widths between 38-47 millimeters. Dry fiber tows are sandwiched between lightweight thermoplastic veils on the upper and lower faces. The lack of fiber splices and cut filaments give a very clean ‘fuzz free’ product, perfect for automated production processes. Excellent formability and permeability allow rapid material placement and infusion.

HiTape materials represent the ultimate in dry carbon fiber UD tape technology. They provide a cost and production rate optimized tape solution producing prepreg-like mechanical properties without an autoclave. HiTape products are well suited to automated production in a wide range of winter sports, automotive, aerospace and industrial applications.

“HiTape gives us exactly what we need for our automated production processes – consistency and quality. In particular the exceptionally clean edges of the tapes, really makes a difference in our molding process and enhances the surface finish of the finished ski. We always aim for the highest levels of quality and Hexcel HiTape helps us to deliver that.” concludes Bjørn Ivar Austrem, technical director, Madshus.

Hexcel’s new HiTape Dry Carbon Tapes for Madshus Skis will be on display at ISPO Munich 2020, from January 26-29.

Posted January 13, 2020

Source: Hexcel Corp.