SAi Launches FlexiDYESUB Design And Print Workflow Software For Direct And Indirect Production Of Dye-Sublimation Applications

SALT LAKE CITY — October 21, 2019 — SA International (SAi) — a provider of software solutions for professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM machining industries — announces the launch of FlexiDYESUB, a version of Flexi 19, engineered to improve the design-to-print dye-sublimation workflow through design, color management, RIPping and printing.

Incorporating tools not previously available to dye-sublimation printers in a single package, FlexiDYESUB is an all-in-one application that includes a full printer production feature-set aimed at making dye-sublimation design easy for any printing business.

Using Flexi 19’s powerful 64-bit RIP, the software not only offers fast RIPping, but also complete control over individual ink channels to facilitate the use of custom color ink sets for special applications. Among the array of efficiency-enhancing tools available to users is a Wizard-based color profiler, designed to remove the guess work in profile creation and simplify the complicated process of ink splitting. Additionally, a useful Spot Color Mapping feature offers the ability to customize spot color formulas to match desired colors exactly.

The versatility and color richness of dye-sublimation printing makes it an ideal choice for a broad range of applications, and all printing businesses — large or small — can benefit from using FlexiDYESUB. Digital dye sublimation printing can be carried out either directly to final substrate, or indirectly via a printed transfer sheet. FlexiDYESUB is suitable for both methods and all applications.

Digital printing has transformed the dye-sublimation market, simplifying printing and enabling higher volumes and shorter production times. As a result, the benefits may be enjoyed by large industrial textile printers as well as offering new product opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses producing short runs, one-off T-shirts or decorative items on metal, ceramics, glass, plastics, board or textiles. The range of substrates enables greater creativity on the part of signmakers, especially in the field of soft-signage.

“As a process, dye-sublimation is ideal for printing for textiles; not only does it produce vibrant colors, but because the dyes become part of the fabric, there is no cracking or flaking when folded or washed,” explained Radisa Peric, Flexi product manager, SAi.

“Its scalability from personalized consumer products to textile production for international brands make dye-sublimation a very exciting and dynamic market, and SAi FlexiDYESUB offers the tools that encompass the whole application gamut,” Peric added.

In addition to its color management tools, FlexiDYESUB also provides tools for quoting jobs, and the new ruler feature measures jobs through long prints. Job data may be stored in the Cloud, which also ensures simplified customer approvals via a fast and secure Artwork Approval Tool. These capabilities can reduce production time and deliver improved cost savings.

FlexiDYESUB will be available on a subscription basis

Posted October 21, 2019

Source: SA International (SAi)