Baikowski: Acquisition Of Mathym SAS

PARIS — September 30, 2019 — As all the conditions precedent have been met, Baikowski® hereby confirms its acquisition of Mathym SAS, a company with which it commenced negotiations in July 2019.

Mathym is an innovative company operating in the area of nanomaterials and specializing in the development, manufacture and commercialization of nanodispersions. Its products are notably used in the biomedical — dental and orthopaedic — sectors, as well as for ceramic, surface coating and 3D printing applications, where they contribute to providing or reinforcing critical properties — such as radio-opacity, refractive index or durability — of composite materials. The company, founded in 2013, currently employs 10 people within its R&D, production, QHSE and support functions.

“This first acquisition, just a few months after our listing with Euronext Growth, illustrates our determination to provide Baikowski with new impetus,” said Benoît Grenot, Baikowski’s CEO. “The transaction allows us to extend our know-how by integrating a talented team and provides the perspective of new markets, new advanced technological applications and a new product platform complementing Baikowski’s existing product range”.

“Our entire team is very happy to be joining up with Baikowski,” said Julien Alberici, Mathym®’s CEO. “Our partnership will enable Mathym to contribute its unique know-how with regard to the manufacture of innovative nanodispersions. The transaction will also provide Mathym’s historical products the benefit of Baikowski’s sales network worldwide and more particularly in Japan and the USA”.

Baikowski has existed for a hundred years and is a manufacturer of specialist industrial minerals and more particularly, of ultra-pure alumina powders and formulations as well as of other high quality oxides and composites such as spinel, ZTA, YAG and cerium for technical ceramic applications, precision polishing, crystals and additives or coverings. The quality of Baikowski’s products is appreciated by a variety of high-tech markets including the lighting, watchmaking, mobile phone, microelectronic, automotive, defense and medical industries. In 2018, Baikowski achieved revenue of 42 million euros.

Posted September 30, 2019

Source: Baikowski®