Brighten Up Your Autumn Mood With “Ready-To-Launch” Spring-Summer 2021 Color Trends And Systems By Carlin X Archroma

REINACH, Switzerland — August 29, 2019 — Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, and Carlin, the trend office who pioneered trend forecasting back in 1947, will be at Premiere Vision Paris, where they will share a booth fully dedicated to color creativity, inspiration and performance.

Carlin is well known in France and abroad for its “trend-oriented” expertise from brand strategy and collection design, to color creation and trend forecasting. Carlin serves famous brands in the fashion, cosmetic and sportswear industry, such as GAP, Empreinte, Byredo, Birchbox, and Samsung.

“Ready-to-launch” color trends by Carlin x Archroma

Carlin is using the color references of the ‘Color Atlas by Archroma®’ during its color workshops throughout France, as well as in its 20 yearly publications.

The Color Atlas contains 4,320 colors on cotton poplin, and online, almost double compared to similar tools available to textile and fashion specialists. It is a unique tool dedicated to providing fashion designers and stylists with off-the-shelf color inspiration that can be implemented in production with just a few clicks.

At Premiere Vision, Archroma and Carlin will provide full consultation from color trends to color inspiration to color implementation from the first mood board all the way into production.

Sneak preview at SS2021 color trends

At the booth, Carlin will present its trend books for Spring-Summer 2021.

The IMPULSE SS2021 trend book presents Carlin’s four main themes for Spring-Summer 2021: “ALTA VISTA”, “RIVERSIDE”, “SENSO” and “REVELRY – RÉJOUISSANCES”, with a detailed and inspiring macrosocial decoding and several creative leads for each of the themes.

The booth itself will bring to life “ALTA VISTA”, an expression of rising societal trends such as “warm expressions”, “sustainable greengrocers” or “essential materiality”. The theme translates into incredibly bright colors, such as “Inca Indigo”, “Red Earth”, “Bougainvillea” and “Cibola Gold”, to make Spring-Summer collections popping and uplifting!

Carlin x Archroma will give an exclusive series of short presentations at the booth for a sneak preview of the SS2021 color trends.


  • September 17, 2019 @11:00
  • September 18, 2019 @14:00
  • September 19, 2019 @11:00

At Hall 6, Booth 6N10/6P9 & 6N12/6P11

Secure your seat with Annflor Sangan at +33 6 4811 7305 or by email at:

Closing the loop from forecast to insight, visitors to the booth will also have the opportunity to check which colors are currently trending in the textile industry, with Archroma’s “TRENDING NOW” booklet. The “TRENDING NOW” booklet compiles the top 10 selling colors of Color Atlas references that are currently being selected and in-use.

“IT’S OUR NATURE” – Color systems to enhance your collections and protect our planet

The longing for nature is one of the strong undercurrents in the macro social changes that Carlin uncovered and translated into color trends: From the emerging taste for distinct food flavors, to the growing use of natural ingredients to replace synthetic ones, to the research aimed at bringing nature back into cities and into our lives.

With global public awareness finally rising around the climate crisis and the potential ecological impact of fast fashion, brands and retailers who are engaged in making more sustainable collections will have a decisive competitive edge – and be on the right side of History!

To help them, Archroma will present its latest innovations in the area of coloring systems, in particular “INDIGO REFLECTION”, based on Archroma’s new Diresul® SmartDenim Blue- and “FAST SPORTS” – based on the new Foron® SP-FV range, both developed according to “The Archroma Way: Safe, Efficient, Enhanced. It’s our nature”.

“The Carlin x Archroma collaboration is all about sustainability”, comments Chris Hipps, Global Director of Archroma Color Management Services. “We aim for environmental sustainability, with the many eco-advanced color systems available from Archroma’s extensive portfolio. And we aim and for the economical sustainability of the brands and retailers who partner with us and can dramatically reduce their time to market. Because it’s our nature!”

“In that sense, the “ready-to-launch” color trends by Carlin x Archroma represent a major step-change in the way designers and stylists can bring their color dreams to life”, Edouard Keller, Head of International Sales, adds. “For the first time in the History of fashion, color trends are available for immediate selection and implementation in the supply chain, with just a few clicks!”

Diresul® and Foron® are trademarks of Archroma registered in many countries.

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Posted August 29, 2019

Source: Archroma