COROB Announces New, Entry-Level In-Plant Production System

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — July 2, 2019 — COROB — manufacturer of high-performance dispensers, mixers, and shakers — introduces the Novaflow N20 ULTRA an entry-level dispensing system designed especially for narrow web printers. The N20 ULTRA is a cost-effective system that provides fully-automated dispensing without a major capital outlay. It is ideal when producing jugs or one-gallon pails of ink that require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

“We developed the ULTRA to address a growing need for an affordable dispensing system that would serve as the baseline for in-plant ink production,” said Jack Walsh, managing director, COROB North America. “The ULTRA is the perfect system for printers who want to add automatic ink dispensing into their operations but require a low profile, full-featured system at a very practical price. One of the system’s draw is that it is a fully-functioning unit that installs in only a few hours.” The ULTRA’s pneumatic, electrical, and fluid connections are shipped completely connected for a simple installation. In addition, the computer, pneumatic, and electrical hardware are housed in a NEMA 4 cabinet for protection against environmental elements.

The ULTRA dispenses up to a maximum of 14 inks using an exclusive, COROB-designed dispense head. This dispense head leverages electrically-integrated nozzle valves that provide superior performance characteristics, including:

  • Extremely accurate ink dispensing;
  • No line purging, saving time and ingredients; and
  • No-drip nozzles with re-circulation at the tip, reducing hose clogging.

An automatic nozzle head cleaner to cut maintenance time Walsh continued: “Our customers have remarked that they have made gains very quickly after the initial setup. Some of the feedback we’ve heard is the ability to have just-in-time ink production/delivery, re-work and re-formulate ink in order to optimize ink inventory, and deliver extremely precise, repeatable colors.”

Posted July 2, 2019

Source: COROB®