CHTC Fong’s Announces Investments

CHTC Fong’s Group reports it has secured 76,000 square meters of land in Shaoxing City, China, where it will establish a new subsidiary, CHTC Fong’s Intelligent Printing and Dyeing Machinery. The company also recently completed a second phase of construction at its new Monforts plant in Zhongshang, Guandong, China. The group states it is committed to “investing in the infrastructure and advanced automation technology required for manufacturing next-generation Industry 4.0 dyeing and finishing machines in China.”

“The trade wars that have recently been taking place between the U.S. and China have had a significant impact on the world economy and led to uncertainty in the market, but we believe high efficiency, energy savings and environmental protection — enabled by full automation and smart manufacturing processes — are the way forward in the long term,” said CHTC Fong’s CEO Ji Xin. “Fully intelligent dyeing and finishing equipment will provide the high quality and inexpensive textile products of the future.”

July/August 2019