X-Rite Releases LED Lamp Kits For Its Light Booths

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. —July 22, 2019 — X-Rite Inc. and Pantone LLC today announced LED Lamp Kits for their popular light booths, the SpectraLight QC and Judge QC. As more retailers, homes, offices, and commercial environments adopt LED lighting for improved efficiency and reduced energy costs, the new kits allow brands, manufacturers and suppliers to easily update their visual evaluation and color assessment process to accommodate today’s lighting trends.

“Brands and manufacturers who want to ensure the highest level of product quality and color consistency in today’s retail environment are increasingly adopting LED lighting as part of their color control program,” said Marcus Jones, product management director, X-Rite and Pantone. “X-Rite developed easy-to-install LED lamp kits that allow customers to retrofit existing X-Rite light booths by replacing the fluorescent store lighting with an LED source. Within a matter of minutes, our customers can add a 4000K LED source as an option for evaluating incoming materials, samples, and final products for color consistency and physical defects under controlled lighting conditions.”

Lighting plays a critical role in how a person perceives the color and appearance of an object. It is essential that brands and manufacturers consider all lighting sources under which a final product may appear, including daylight, factory, store, and home lighting environments. With the LED lamp kit, X-Rite light booths can simulate a wider range of lighting conditions, including dual daylight options (D50 lighting for print and D65 for industrial applications), incandescent, fluorescent, and LED illumination.

The new LED Lamp Kits work with:

  • SpectraLight QC light booth, which features seven different light sources, is ideal for color-critical visual assessment of large and small items under multiple lighting conditions.
  • Judge QC an affordable, durable light booth with five light sources for accurate evaluation of color under controlled lighting conditions for print, packaging and industrial applications.

X-Rite LED Lamp kits and installation videos are now available.

Posted July 22, 2019

Source: X-Rite Inc.