The First U.S. National Brand Awards Will Be Held In Los Angeles, Giving A Voice To The American Customers

LOS ANGELES — April 12, 2019 — The U.S. National Brand Awards have officially launched the first voting cycle today in Los Angeles. The public can vote now at

The U.S. National Brand Awards will honor the American people’s favorite brands from all over the world. The nominations will be based on a process combining extensive market research with the votes of the American public. The public votes will be gathered through online surveys administered on the official website and the research data will be objectively and equitably gathered by a team of market researchers at Lansion Media USA Inc. The U.S. National Brand Awards judge prospective brands on both customer opinions and a set of five distinct standards. These standards drive modern brands to achieve new levels of customer satisfaction, customer safety, and customer education, through creative activities and multi-platform social influence. The U.S. National Brand Awards recognize brands that transcend these standards and respect consumer choices and interests to the greatest extent.

The US National Brand Awards have 13 categories and will publish an authoritative list based on rigorous market analysis results.

The categories are:

  1. Top 25 Automobile Brands
  2. Top 25 Cosmetics Brands
  3. Top 25 Apparel Brands
  4. Top 25 Entertainment Brands
  5. Top 25 Health Brands
  6. Top 25 Technology Brands
  7. Top 25 Travel Brands
  8. Top 25 Social Media Brands
  9. Top 25 Real Estate Brands
  10. Top 25 Beverage Brands
  11. Top 25 Rising Star Brands
  12. Excellent Brand Manager Award
  13. Outstanding Brand Founder Award

Among them, the Outstanding Brand Founder Award and the Excellent Brand Manager Award are the highlights of this year’s U.S. National Brand Awards. These two awards are intended to recognize the founders and brand managers who have made distinguished contributions in the process of enhancing their brand through unique campaigns to gain brand awareness and a loyal brand following.

The U.S. National Brand Awards are based on a process combining the votes of the American public with data gathered through extensive market research. The world’s major brands are evaluated on five key indicators in order to select brands that best represent the voices of the American customers. The five major indicators are:

Creativity — the brand has demonstrated its ability to learn, create innovative brand campaigns, and promote the brand with a signature voice that meets the changing needs of the market

Influence — the brand must have a high level of brand influence, with customers buzzing about the brand, honestly reflecting the quality of the brand’s reliability, product durability, and brand loyalty

Competitiveness — the brand must have an intrinsic value, and must have objectively manifested the brand’s competitiveness in the market

Satisfaction — the brand’s breadth of customers must reflect an overwhelmingly positive acceptance of the brand, prompting consumers to willingly express their positive opinions on the brand

Brand Value — the brand must demonstrate that it brings added value to the market, customers, or public as a whole

The U.S. National Brand Awards and Lansion Media USA Inc. have formed a strategic partnership and have created a specialized market research team to analyze the market data. The analysis results will ensure transparency and objectivity.

Posted April 15, 2019

Source: Lansion Media USA, Inc.