AREVO, Inc. Wins The “Startup Booster” Competition At 2019 JEC World Paris

MILPITAS, Calif. — March 27, 2019 — AREVO, the Silicon Valley company redefining global composite manufacturing through digitalization, today announced it won the prestigious Startup Booster competition at the 2019 JEC World conference and exhibition in Paris. The competition featured ten finalists selected from 120 applicants from 30 countries representing a wide range of materials and manufacturing disciplines across the composites sector. The competition provides multinational companies access to cutting edge innovations in composites manufacturing with a potential impact on their industries.

The final evaluation round consisted of a “5-minute pitch session” in which the finalists presented their value proposition and expected market impact. Hemant Bheda, co-founder and Chairman of AREVO, focused on the company’s market-ready continuous carbon fiber thermoplastic composite parts ranging from bikes to airplanes. The AREVO pitch covered recent technological and company-proprietary advances in the emerging “digital composite manufacturing” sector, which according to analysts’ estimates is a $1 Trillion market. Innovation highlights included:

  • Patented software algorithms used in composite generative design techniques (Used to create the aircraft seat bracket featured at the Airbus booth at JEC World)
  • Patented free-motion robotics used for fiber direct energy deposition in “True 3D” dimensions
  • High-speed deposition with an in-situ closed loop control laser process incorporating machine learning and smart data
  • Local, modular, and scalable manufacturing, improving the “time to market” factor in many global industries by eliminating several supply chain bottlenecks inherent in traditional manufacturing
  • Sustainable manufacturing reducing materials by more than 30% and minimizing the shipping of parts from overseas
  • Hyper-customizable parts through on-demand manufacturing processes enabling a “DESIGN, PRINT, GO” customer experience
  • U.S. advanced manufacturing and domestic job growth bringing economic development to cities along with GDP growth

“This award is a testament to the high performance multi-disciplinary team at AREVO, which comprises 13 PhDs and in computer science, materials science, and robotics from the best universities around the world,” said Mr. Bheda. “Team Arevo created the world’s first 3D-printed continuous carbon fiber bicycle frame in production now with a process that takes a small fraction of the time as traditional manufacturing techniques. This is a good start to 2019 and we look forward to building upon our achievements with additional exciting developments the rest of the year.”

Posted March 28, 2019

Source: AREVO, Inc.