Istanbul Boyahanesi Invests In New Monforts Technology To Increase Capacity

MÖNCHENGLADBACH, Germany — February 7, 2019 — Through investment in new Monforts technology, Istanbul Boyahanesi is planning to increase its capacity for the commission dyeing and finishing of woven goods to a monthly 2.5 million square meters during 2019.

The company is surely also the only dyehouse in Turkey to date with its own proprietary software for virtual control of all operations via smartphone or TV from the boardroom.

The special app-based program has been developed by co-founder and director Kemal Taşkin, who has a background in software engineering, and it provides real-time information on all machine parameters and operator activity.

“I am now developing it further and in the near-future it will also be able to provide financial forecasting for us right down to individual batch level,” he says.

This development has much in common with the advances Monforts is making itself in the field of Industry 4.0 and automation, such as the latest Qualitex 800 control system and the Web-UI app for remote visualisation of Monforts technologies via smart phones and tablet devices.

Thermex Econtrol

Based in the key Turkish textile centre of Çerkezköy, Istanbul Boyahanesi was only founded in 2017, on the site of an older existing dyehouse. It is a joint venture between two of Turkey’s leading textile wholesalers, Yilmaz Kumaşçilik, which specialises in fabrics for casual and outerwear, and shirtings and suitings textiles operation Erika Kumaşçilik.

Immediately on its formation, the first move of the new company was to order a new Monforts Thermex Econtrol continuous dyeing line.

“The existing equipment we inherited, which includes a 23-year-old Monforts Montex stenter, is only suitable for producing heavy weight fabrics with weights of 300gsm and above,” Mr Taşkin explains. “The new Thermex allows us to get down to fabric weights of 80gsm. The old pad dyeing system we have is also very time-consuming and the Thermex has allowed us to considerably shorten processing times for the heavier fabrics, while at the same time considerably expanding our product offering. It’s an extremely versatile range, allowing us to instantly see the results and to easily move between reactive and disperse dyeing, for example.”


“Of course, there is no comparison in terms of chemicals and energy usage and with the Thermex the savings are considerable,” adds plant manager Hakan Kaplan. “It is also allowing us to make much longer batches of fabrics.”

The Thermex Econtrol range has a working width of 1.8 metres and allows the single-bath continuous dyeing of cotton and polyester fabrics with selected reactive and dispersion dyestuffs, as well as cotton-polyester blends to be processed without reductive intermediate cleaning, eliminating the need for a steamer.

Other processes, such as the use of indanthren vat dyes for enhanced wash and boil fastness, or the over-dyeing on reactive-dyed cotton fabrics to achieve an extremely broad range of colour effects, are also carried out on the range.

The range was installed and commissioned in a very tight space within the existing factory by Istanbul-based Monforts partner Neotek Tekstil, which is also a new company, formed in February 2016 to assume responsibility for Monforts dyeing and finishing technology throughout Turkey.

In the short period since its inception, Neotek has already installed and commissioned over 50 full Monforts ranges throughout the country.

Continuous quality

“The Monforts Montex stenter is of course, our key product and its advantages are well established,” says Neotek founder Ahmet Kiliç. “It allows our customers to achieve high quality continuously, with the trusted electronic drive technology of Monforts. With the energy savings that are achieved they also save money and being robust, Monforts stenters also require fewer spare parts and less maintenance, with remote assistance in any case always available.

“All of the components in Monforts machines are the best available and the majority of the companies in Turkey either already have experience with them and trust the brand, or see the benchmarks being set by their competitors, making Monforts technology the natural choice,” he adds.

“We have been very happy with the service we have received to date from Monforts and Neotek, and will continue to trust their technology going forward as we expand our business,” Mr Taşkin concludes.

Posted February 7, 2019

Source: A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG