Kodak Expands Offering For KODALUX Light Blocking Technology

ROCHESTER, N.Y./TULSA, Okla. — November 14, 2018 — Building on its introduction of KODALUX Light Control Technology, Kodak announced the availability of Kodalux Blackout Fabric Coating/Flame Retardant (FR) for drapery fabric.

Leveraging Kodak’s deep expertise in materials science, Kodalux is a new class of light control materials which can be coated on fabrics for use in the management of light, delivering 100-percent blackout.

Fabricut Inc., one of the world’s largest distributors of decorative fabrics, is pleased to offer customers the ability to incorporate Kodalux Technology for blackout on its Fabricut Contract line of fabrics.

“I was excited about Kodalux Technology from the minute I heard about it,” said Julia Dalton, Senior Stylist, Fabricut Contract. “It finally allows us to offer our customers the option to have any FR drapery item in our line coated with Kodalux Blackout Fabric Coating. Previously designers had to start with the blackout fabric and make it fit their design. Now they don’t have to.”

“With the Kodalux Product, we are able to offer a simpler FR blackout solution, eliminating the needs for a separate liner, while still maintaining the hand and drape of decorative woven fabrics,” said Tom Cavanagh, chief customer officer, Kodak. “Drawing from Kodak’s rich history of color science, we offer customers the ability to tint our Kodalux Blackout Fabric Coating to complement their fabric color. Kodak is pleased to be working with Fabricut to launch this differentiated product to the market.”

In addition to woven drapery fabrics, Kodalux Blackout Fabric Coating can be coated on prepared-for-print (PFP) fabrics for exhibition signage or window treatments which are printed by either direct or indirect dye sublimation.

“Other competitive solutions are bonded to the fabric, so they are stiff and don’t feel like a drapery product anymore,” said Dalton. “For Fabricut Contract, quality is important, and we take our relationships with suppliers very seriously. With Kodak, we can offer our customers a quality blackout product manufactured domestically with quick turnaround. The color matching capability of Kodalux Technology gives designers extra freedom to add to their design concept while maintaining a luxurious fabric feel.”

Kodak and Kodalux are trademarks of Kodak.

Fabricut Contract is a trademark of Fabricut Inc.

Posted November 14, 2018

Source: Kodak