MSA Takes Safety to New Heights

PITTSBURGH — October 17, 2018 — According to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees. So for industries that are inherently dangerous and require men and women to work at heights, the demand for comfortable and technology-driven fall protection equipment and services has never been greater. To provide workers at height with new options to help protect them at work, global safety equipment manufacturer MSA Safety today announced the introduction of a broad new line of innovative fall protection harnesses called the V-Series. The company plans to showcase elements of this new line at the upcoming National Safety Congress (NSC) Expo in Houston, Texas, October 22-24.

The V-Series line of fall protection equipment is named after MSA’s iconic V-Gard® hard hat, which is used by millions of workers across the globe. Comprised of self-retracting lanyards and three harnesses with varying price points and comfort levels, the V-Series harness line, when used in conjunction with MSA’s suite of fall protection equipment, offers one of the highest levels of fall protection available today. It also means MSA can offer customers a full portfolio of work-at-height solutions, ranging from permanent engineered systems to personal protective equipment (PPE).

Among the fall protection harnesses MSA plans to showcase at the NSC is a premium offering called the V-FLEX™ Harness. Designed to provide exceptional wearer comfort, the V-FLEX Harness features a full-body, racing-style design, making it ideal for long hours on the job or extended shifts. A patent-pending RaceFLEX™ connection reduces the feeling of restriction and need for repetitive harness adjustment to improve worker mobility. With additional features including contoured, breathable shoulder padding and horizontal leg straps, the V-FLEX harness is designed to keep workers comfortable all day, every day.

“Harnesses are a critical piece of personal protective equipment for fall protection,” said Jennifer McGurrin, General Manager of Global Fall and Industrial Head Protection at MSA. “When wearing a harness all day, workers want to be as comfortable as possible. MSA is launching this new line of harnesses designed around comfort to increase worker compliance and improve satisfaction.  The range of harnesses allows workers to choose the features and price point that best meet their needs.”

Creating a Safer Workplace with Software as a Service

Also making its Expo debut will be Safety io — MSA’s first subsidiary focused entirely on leveraging MSA’s market-leading gas detection technology with industry-leading innovation in cloud-based software. Safety io uses wireless technology and cloud-based computing to enable a broad range of “connected” safety activities. With MSA gas detection products serving as enablers, Safety io delivers the ability to remotely monitor gas level readings in the workplace, track the safety of associates, monitor instrument maintenance status and, in the event of an emergency, notify workers of the need to evacuate with the push of a button.

“In many respects, Safety io challenges safety-minded organizations to expect more from their gas detection systems and programs,” said Gustavo Lopez, general manager for Safety io. “The services we offer are designed to enable worksite managers to make informed decisions, reinforce best practices and pursue a safety-first, injury-free workplace.”

Software platforms currently available from Safety io — which are available as subscription-based services — include Fleet Manager and Live Monitor. Fleet Manager allows organizations to proactively track and monitor the calibration of their gas detection equipment and make standard operating procedures more efficient. Live Monitor enables the remote tracking and monitoring of all workers performing difficult and hazardous job functions in real time fashion.

Customers, safety experts and the public can explore these and other new product solutions and latest technological advancements from MSA, and speak with the company’s team of safety specialists, at this year’s NSC Congress and Expo at booth number 2234 from October 22-24.

Posted October 17, 2018

Source: MSA Safety Inc.