Introducing WeKno® Real-Time Diaper Knowledge™ — Instant Alerts On Your Mobile Phone When Your Baby’s Diaper Is Wet Or Soiled

MIAMI — October 8, 2018 — Nappy Telematics Inc. introduces WeKno® with Real-Time Diaper Knowledge™.  The world’s first way for parent to know — in real time — if their baby’s diaper is wet or soiled and needs to be changed — directly on their mobile phone.

Features include:

  • Ability to check a diaper remotely while an infant is in a crib, stroller, car seat or just playing from our mobile App.
  • Ability to set and receive real-time alerts, audible and/or vibratory on your phone to ensure proper changes to reduce irritation and diaper rash — as soon as diaper is wet or soiled.
  • The WeKno Reader can be set to vibrate and/or ring in case your phone is not nearby.

WeKno consists of disposable, flexible, moisture sensing stickers that are placed on the outside of any diaper — cloth or disposable at the time of changing. The WeKno Reader connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth from the WeKno App and is placed within 1 meter of a diaper. From the App check a diaper remotely with the push of a button or set up auto alerts, audible or vibratory, directly to your phone when a diaper needs to be changed.

Diaper rash also called: irritant diaper dermatitis effects 3 million baby’s in the United States and an estimated 10 million baby’s worldwide every year. The undisputed method to reducing chaffing, delicate skin irritation and diaper rash is changing a wet or soiled diaper as soon as possible.

WeKno is the worlds first real-time tool to help parents reduce their infants diaper rash and skin irritation caused by the acid in urine and feces. Using its Real-Time Wetness Indicator™ disposable stickers, WeKno Reader and mobile phone app to provide diaper wetness and soiled instant alerts to Apple and Android devices.

Nappy Telematics, the developer of the WeKno, is a Miami based technology startup focused on the novel use of sensors to solve everyday problems. Its current work includes WeKno and WeKno Senior® a revolutionary incontinent management solution for senior living locations and healthcare facilities.

Posted October 8, 2018

Source: Nappy Telematics