U.S. Department Of Commerce, Bureau Of Industry And Security Issues Report On U.S. Textile And Apparel Industry

WASHINGTON — August 29, 2018 — The long awaited report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) assessing the U.S. textile and apparel industry was released last week.

The 180-page report, the 2017 Defense Industrial Base Assessment of the U.S. Textile and Apparel Industry, can be viewed at: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/forms-documents/technology-evaluation/2262-bis-defense-industrual-base-assessment-of-the-u-s-textile-and-apparel-industry-2017/file

The report addresses numerous areas of interest to the textile industry.  Highlights on the “U.S. Government Participation and the Berry and Kissell Amendments” are on pages 18-19.  Industry recommendations are on pages 148-149.

A companion report assessing the U.S. footwear sector was also released.  It can be viewed at: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/forms-documents/technology-evaluation/2261-bis-defense-industrial-base-assessment-of-the-u-s-footwear-industry-2017.

A National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) representative said: “We welcome the study and see lots of detailed data about the industry in the report. NCTO is very pleased the study was conducted and thank the government for their efforts.”

Posted September 4, 2018

Source: National Council Of Textile Organizations