IKEA Supplier Fluvitex To Open First U.S. Operation In Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio — July 31, 2018 — Fluvitex has announced plans to open its first U.S.-based production facility in the Columbus Region, creating 80 new jobs. Hiring for sewing operators, maintenance technicians, quality and production professionals and administrative jobs will begin in Q1 2018.

The new 123,588-square-foot facility will be located in Groveport on 6500 Pontius Road, where the company will produce bedding textiles that include comforters, pillows and cushions. Fluvitex, through its American subsidiary Fluvitex USA Inc., will invest a total of $8 million in machinery and equipment. Total investment will reach $12 million, including civil works, inventories and IT infrastructure.

“The Columbus Region provides the cost-effective business climate and high-skilled workforce we need as we enter into the U.S.,” said Jaume Burgell, general manager, Fluvitex. “Groveport’s strategic access to the U.S. market will enable easy movement of goods and U.S. expansion.”

A subsidiary of Masias, a Spain-based company with more than 75 years of experience in the development of technologies for treatment of fibers in the textile sector, Fluvitex is one of IKEA’s major suppliers for bedding products.

“Fluvitex’s decision to set down roots in Groveport continues to validate the Columbus Region’s position as a leader in manufacturing,” said Jeff Green, finance director and assistant city administrator, City of Groveport. “Adding a new manufacturer will further diversify the local economy and provide quality jobs for our residents.”

Located in the center of Ohio — one of 10 states with the lowest effective tax rates for both new capital-intensive and new labor-intensive manufacturing facilities, as ranked by Tax Foundation and KPMG — the Columbus Region offers the greatest access to the U.S. market, world-class resources and a competitive workforce.

Posted September 21, 2018

Source: Columbus 2020