Neovia Is Building The Future Of Its Supply Chain With DynaSys Cloud DSCP

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — June 5, 2018 — DynaSys, a provider of demand and supply chain planning (DSCP) solutions, today announced that Neovia, a global player in pet care and animal health, selected the DynaSys Cloud DSCP solution, including the Demand Planning, Distribution Planning and Production Planning solutions. The DynaSys Cloud DSCP solution will enable Neovia to manage its global end-to-end supply chain while anticipating strong organic and external growth. DynaSys is a division of QAD Inc.

“Our goal is to improve the flow of information so we can prepare for the future and optimize our decision-making,” said Pierre Monchal, corporate supply chain director at Neovia. “The global implementation of the robust and modern end-to-end DynaSys supply chain solution will underpin our success. If we make our supply chain more efficient, we will improve our business performance. This project is focused on supply chain performance to better serve our customers but also allow our employees to continually work toward a common goal.”

Launched in 1954, Neovia is a global leader in animal nutrition and health with seven business lines: complete feed, aquaculture, pet care, premix/firm services, additives & ingredients, animal health and analysis laboratories. Its yearly revenue is 1.7 billion euros. It has 75 production sites, 11 applied research centers and 8,300 employees in 28 countries.

Anticipation, Flexibility and Reliability

The DynaSys solution will empower Neovia to coordinate its team around a reliable sales forecast helping it to adapt capacity planning in the medium and long-term and provide stock-level optimization and service level improvement. DynaSys Cloud DSCP will also support the S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) process of Neovia. “With DynaSys solutions, our demand planners will be able to focus on the business and their added value with deeper reflection and analysis,” added Monchal.

Why Neovia selected DynaSys

  1. DynaSys’ culture, size and customer-centric focus.
  2. DynaSys’ domain expertise and ability to rapidly deploy the solution in the 28 countries where Neovia operates.
  3. The DynaSys solution is robust, integrated, reliable, modern and flexible.
  4. The solution fits the needs of the entire group.

“We selected the DynaSys supply chain planning solution through a rigorous process including seven vendors,” said Monchal. “We have confidence in DynaSys’ proven technology, which has been deployed all over the world for many years and we estimate that DynaSys’ service team will support our global, long-term deployment.”

“We are delighted to support Neovia with our collaborative end-to-end, cloud-based supply chain planning solution. We are especially proud to be selected by Neovia for our expertise and capabilities in global solution deployment. Today we are able to help global companies build their future supply chains to improve their market competitiveness, business agility and supply chain visibility across their entire network,” said DynaSys President, Ariel Weil.

Posted June 5, 2018

Source: DynaSys