Innovative Plevo Smart Luggage Quickly Surpasses $50,000 Goal On Kickstarter

MIAMI — June 21, 2018 —  In less than 30 hours of launching on Kickstarter, the new Plevo smart luggage surpassed its campaign goal to attract more than $50,000 in support from crowdfunding backers.

“We designed Plevo to be efficient, durable and technologically advanced to make traveling easier with luggage that’s more functional, fashionable and loaded with features, so it’s great to see so many backers are supporting the product so soon in the campaign,” said Plevo Founder and CEO Federico Pelatti.

Made for both business or leisure travel, Plevo features the world’s first patented garment hanger system and smart dashboard.

“Along with its tech features, we designed it to solve one of the biggest problems we all face when traveling — keeping garments wrinkle-free,” Pelatti added. “Thanks to our patented vertical hanger system, clothes arrive ready to wear and it makes packing and unpacking much easier.”

The Plevo suitcase comes in three models — one carry-on and two for checked luggage.

Travelers face many unknowns with their luggage: including whether their bags will make the weight limit, and where the bags go if the airline loses them. Plevo is the first suitcase designed to solve both of those problems. Plevo’s GPS location tracking means customers can track their bag no matter where it winds up during transit, and a digital scale lets travelers know in an instant whether their bags will make the weight.

Additional tech features include a charging port for gadgets, a removable USB battery pack, a Smart Lock feature (with Face ID, Touch ID or Morse Code), connectivity with Plevo’s Android and iOS app, removable 360-degree wheels and lightweight, durable, water-resistant materials.

The largest Plevo model, the UP, contains a patented garment hanger to keep a traveler’s best business wear vertical and wrinkle-free during transport. The UP model is 31.4 inches by 19.7 inches by 11 inches, big enough to bring all the essentials and help busy travelers save time packing and unpacking. It also has removable 360-degree wheels, which means no more fumbling with a garment bag in one hand and a suitcase in the other when loading it into overhead airline storage.

The Infinite model is also designed to be checked-in and is a bit smaller than the UP for maximum mobility – measuring 28.3 inches by 17.9 inches by 11 inches (with an expandable textile option that makes the depth 12.5 inches).

The Runner model combines Plevo’s best features with the most portability. Measuring 22 by 13.9 by 9 inches, the Runner is small enough to be a carry-on bag. And, again thanks to the removable wheels, it’s even more compatible for overhead storage bins.

All three Plevo models are available in silver, red, blue or pink gold, and all offer these features:

  • Removable USB Battery pack;
  • Smart Lock (Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code);
  • Built-in digital scale;
  • Android and iOS app;
  • Distance alerts;
  • Removable 360-degree wheels with separate packaging; and
  • Battery with 8.000 mAh.

UP model also includes:

  • Garment hanger;
  • GPS location tracking; and
  • Dimensions in inches: 31.4×19.7×11.

Infinite model also includes:

  • GPS location tracking;
  • Expandable textile; and
  • Dimensions in inches: 28.3×17.9×11 (depth up to 12.5 inches with the textile expansion).

Runner model also includes:

  • Removable sleeve (for storing device and personal items);
  • Dimensions in inches: 22×13.9×9, meeting airline carry-on specifications.

All Plevo models comply with TSA, DOT, FAA and IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations — and each model comes with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee.

Posted June 21, 2018

Source: Plevo