Milliken Specialty Interiors Hosts Laura Guido-Clark’s Love Good Color Workshop For Design, Sales Team

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — March 5, 2018 — The Specialty Interiors group of Milliken & Company, recently hosted a Love Good Color workshop to expand the way the team thinks about and approaches color. Led by Laura Guido-Clark, Love Good Color founder and creative director, this intensive workshop focused on providing Milliken team members with a new, more emotionally-driven way of thinking of and approaching color to help design and build the best fabric options for customers and consumers alike.

Begun in 2017, Love Good Color is an immersive training workshop and intuitive color navigational tool that helps tap into the emotional power of color. It is for anyone who wants to design, communicate and express himself/herself through color more easily, fluently and effectively. This workshop uses a proprietary system based on the spectral and emotive response of color and then provides a toolkit to help attendees pair, layer and navigate intentional palettes. While many textile designs begin with a consideration of the purpose of the material then reflect colors based on trends, the Love Good Color system flips the model to address the emotive power of color. It directs key desired attributes such as cutting-edge or traditional, energetic or serene, productive or relaxing, etc. through a primary consideration of color.

“Applying color to products and environments requires boldness, vision and the ability to execute on the right strategy with the right tools,” said Guido-Clark. “Smart suppliers like Milliken recognize this and go to great lengths to educate themselves to deliver greater value to their customers.”

The system also lines up well with Milliken’s strategy of purposeful and intentional design and efforts to work smarter to eliminate waste and enhance sustainability by choosing more targeted colors and patterns. “While many fabric manufacturers produce a large array of samples and see what sells, Milliken is committed to eliminating waste by offering a more limited selection of carefully chosen products and colors,” noted LeAnne Flack, marketing manager, Milliken Specialty Interiors.

When reflecting on the workshop, Milliken Specialty Interiors director of design and development, Dana Claire Larson added: “The LGC system has made us smarter in terms of focusing on outcomes rather than chasing trends, and it has also given our team a huge advantage. By harnessing the emotive and expressive qualities of color, Milliken associates are better able to layer in new dimensionality to our innovations and create more meaningful designs.”

Posted March 1, 2018

Source: Milliken & Company