Devan Introduces BI-OME® Brand, Develops R-Vital

Belgium-based Devan Chemicals has relaunched its known quat-silane antimicrobial product as BI-OME®. The rebranded line is multifunctional and is available in several combinations with other functional finishes to impart additional properties using one product. Bi-Ome Quick Dry combines the antimicrobial with a moisture management finish; Bi-Ome Stretch offers antimicrobial and stretch recovery properties; and Bi-Ome AV, is an advanced product featuring the antimicrobial properties as well as an antiviral component. According to Devan, Bi-Ome is both Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)- and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-compliant, and Oeko-Tex® and bluesign® registered.

In other Devan news, the company has developed a line of patented encapsulation revitalizing agents to impart health and wellness functions to textile products. R-Vital is focused on anti-oxidants — such as ubiquinol — to boost protection against free radicals, ageing, pollution and ultraviolet rays. According to the company when added to textiles, the agents enter the skin and are then transported throughout the body. The products are environmentally safe and skin friendly.

January/February 2018