Pindler Announces The Release Of Three New Exclusive Collections Of High-Quality Decorative Fabrics

MOORPARK, Calif. — January 9, 2018— Pindler, an industry leader and international wholesaler of decorative fabrics, has announced the release of three new exclusive collections — the Andean Collection, the Indoor/Outdoor Sunbelievable™ Collection and Fusion Collection.

The three collections are detailed below:

1) The Exclusive Andean Collection, which launched at the end of October, is a selection of seven designs — all exclusive to Pindler — that draw inspiration from the rich traditions of Andean textiles spanning across the Andes Mountains from Ecuador to Chile. The culture-inspired collection is contemporized through the use of vibrant and natural colors, hand-woven from natural yarns such as spun wool, linen and cotton, and triple-washed to emulate a hand-loomed effect.

2) The Exclusive Sunbelievable™ Collection, which launched in November, is a selection of modern, vibrant colors perfect for any indoor and outdoor setting. Woven from solution-dyed acrylic and polyester — making it fade-proof and easy to clean — this collection offers a myriad of bright and fresh colorways that retain color and strength.

3) The Exclusive Fusion Collection, which also launched in November, is a group of modern global designs that draw inspiration from traditional artesian cloths. Featuring patterns from Moroccan rugs, and kuba, mud and tapa cloths, the eclectic collection reinterprets these centuries’ old traditions with a contemporary vision using earth tone colors, modern neutrals and novelty yarns.

These collections are available at Pindler’s 16 showroom locations across the country

Posted January 9, 2018

Source: Pindler