New LushuLux Sheets Offer Luxury-Level Quality At Affordable Prices

NEW YORK CITY — January 22, 2018 — LushuLux — a new brand of affordable, luxury-quality sheets launched in 2017 — is now available on and at select retailers. The 100-percent cotton sheets come in six different colors in Queen and King sizes; thread counts (TC) range from 300 to 600 threads per inch.

To understand what really makes LushuLux products special, consumers need to understand a bit about their manufacturing process, said Melicia Palmer, senior relationship manager, for the LushuLux brand.

While it is true to some extent that higher thread counts tend to indicate better-quality sheets, Palmer explained, luxury consumers who focus on extremely high thread counts—in the extreme 800 to 1,000 TC range — may be unaware that more isn’t always better.

“Higher thread counts, such as 800 to 1,000, can only be achieved by adding extra threads called ‘picks’ that are twisted into the weft,” Palmer explained. “These extra threads, which you pay way more for, can actually make the sheets more fragile. They’re more likely to tear or fray.”

In fact, Palmer noted, most weavers consider 400 to 600 threads-per-inch to be the ideal count for softness and durability. “We’re proud that our LushuLux products are in that maximum-quality range,” Palmer said. “However, what’s most important about our brand is our insistence on 100-percent cotton.”

Even though the word “cotton” might appear on the label, sheets with extremely high thread counts and low prices are often not 100 percent cotton. “It is becoming more common in the marketplace for some manufacturers to market 800 to 1,000 TC ‘cotton’ sheets as low as $19.99,” Palmer said. “But don’t be fooled. These are CVC or blended-cotton sheets. They’re not 100 percent cotton.”

The new Lushulux brand sheets are manufactured by weaving more warp threads than weft. “This produces a luxurious, soft, silky feel — sheets that are durable and that you’ll love to sleep on in winter and in summer,” Palmer said. “It’s called a sateen weave and is what we use to produce all our LushuLux sheets.”

Posted January 22, 2018

Source: LushuLux