Greater China Mills Launch INVISTA’s New THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade Insulation At Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show

WILMINGTON, Del. — January 23, 2018 — Capitalizing on consumer demand for performance and sustainability — the mainland China-based Ziran Non-Woven Co. Ltd. and the Taiwan-headquartered, globally focused Shinih Enterprise Co. Ltd. — have chosen the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver, Colorado, to launch the first commercially available THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade insulation by INVISTA.

Warmer, lighter and using a minimum of 35 percent in recycled materials, the innovative new Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation can enable garment brands to unlock the economic and environmental advantages of sustainable, high-performance active outdoor wear.

“Insulation is different from other textiles, because it is difficult for customers to gauge its quality based on what they can touch and see,” said Joyce Chien, business director for Shinih Enterprise Co., Ltd. “In a saturated market, it is crucial to find a way to give end-user customers confidence that the garments they are buying will meet qualified standards as well as desired sustainability level. As a leader in the industry, we are excited to partner with Invista in launching Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation,”

One of the world’s leading non-woven manufacturers, Shinih has worked with Invista for more than 30 years. With over 50 years’ experience in the insulation market, Shinih has an in-depth understanding of what is driving consumer demand.

“Invista’s innovative Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation technology delivers on all fronts. It is fully tested to ensure it meets stringent quality standards, GRS certification criteria and superior CLO performance, as well as a light environmental footprint. We are confident that it will shake up this demanding market,” Chien said.

New insulation weighs less, but keeps wearers warmer

The new generation of Invista’s groundbreaking insulation padding, Thermolite T3 EcoMade delivers outstanding warmth while being extremely lightweight. Combined with superior compression and recovery, Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation sets a new milestone in terms of wearer comfort.

A high level of water resistance keeps outdoor enthusiasts dry and comfortable, even in demanding conditions. In addition, Thermolite T3 EcoMade technology has outstanding wash durability, which translates into longer garment life and lower environmental impact through fewer replacements and less trash.

Consumers drive green fashion trend

Sustainable fashion is becoming a key battleground for garment brands. According to the GfK MRI Survey of the American Consumer, over half (56 percent) of respondents are willing to pay more for environment-friendly products, and a similar number (49 percent) agree that a company’s environmental record is an important factor in purchasing decisions.

Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation opens access to a broad range of high-performance, highly sustainable products. Because it contains a minimum of 35-percent recycled materials, the new material lowers the cost barrier for brands interested in entering this market.

The level of recyclables in the Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation formula can be more than 35 percent. This offers brands an opportunity to tailor products to suit the sustainability and price-point requirements of consumers searching for high-performance, sustainable products.

Shanghai Shi, general manager of Ziran Non-Woven, noted that the brand-power of Invista and its track record for technical innovation made the decision to become a licensee/producer of Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation an extremely easy one.

“As well as greatly enhancing our company image and creating an opportunity to offer customers a variety of exceptional insulation solutions, we expect this development to significantly increase revenues — by at least 20 percent over our current product line. We hope it will grow to 50 percent within the next three years as demand for performance and sustainability continues to rise,” said Shi.

Thermolite® makes history again

The new Thermolit T3 EcoMade insulation builds on 30 years of experience in keeping consumers warm and dry with products offering outstanding quality, dependability, and performance. The Thermolite brand has a history of driving innovation and supporting the aspirations of customers with impactful marketing and compelling communications that extend throughout the value chain.

“Innovation has always been part of Invista’s genetic code. It has seen us develop a broad portfolio of value-creating products, designed to deliver class-leading performance, and which put our customers at the forefront of their market segment in any geography,” said Huw Williams, Invista global segment director, activewear and outdoor.

“Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation continues that story, providing licensees and brands with a way to heat up sales in an extremely competitive market, while at the same time helping High Street customers to keep warm without compromising their green principles,” he said.

To find out more about Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation and other Down Alternative Technology, visit Shinih at booth at 5035-LL, and Ziran at booth 6035-LL at the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show which runs from January 25–28 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Posted January 23, 2018

Source: Invista