Cotton & Care Quickly Making A Name For Itself With American-Made Bedding

LAS VEGAS — November 14, 2017 — Cotton & Care is the newest brand to enter the growing online direct-to-consumer bedding market, but with a notable difference. Using premium cotton that is grown in California, spun to yarn in the South, then woven, cut, and sewn in the Carolinas, Cotton & Care’s product line is made entirely in the USA.

The brand was formed earlier this year in Las Vegas by business partners with a background in consumer banking. Co-founder Evan Feldman explains: “It was important to build a brand that we could be proud of. To us this meant going with the ethical choice each step of the way. Understanding the differences in labor conditions and environmental standards between the United States and abroad, we knew that manufacturing here was the way to go. We found that this also gave us the ability to have increased oversight into the quality and authenticity of our product. With recent testing showing that much of the Egyptian cotton bedding on the market is truly mislabeled, poor quality substitutes, this was another key advantage.”

While American-made apparel has gained attention in the last few years, American-made bedding is practically non-existent. Worse, it’s missing from the shelves of the big box stores entirely; if you want Made in USA bed sheets, the only option is online retailers like Cotton & Care.  However, as Feldman points out, “even the high-end internet bedding labels that have been gaining popularity are manufacturing in India, Europe, or South America, and still charging steep prices for their products.”

Cotton & Care’s initial product line consists of a sheet set or pair of pillowcases made of ultra-premium Supima® cotton, the US-grown equivalent of extra-long staple Egyptian cotton. The color selection is currently limited to classic white, though expanded options are slated for next year. Prices for the complete sheet set start at $119 and Cotton & Care pledges to donate 50 percent of its profits to a worthy cause.

Posted November 14, 2017

Source:  Cotton & Care