Ascend PA66 Automotive And E&E Innovations Take Center Stage At Fakuma

HOUSTON — October 12, 2017 — Ascend Performance Materials will showcase numerous product and application innovations for automotive and electric and electronic applications at Fakuma 2017. The international exhibition for plastics processing takes place in Friedrichshafen, Germany, October 17-21. Ascend will be at booth 4119 in hall A4.

Improving Automotive Performance

Ascend’s growing Vydyne® family is helping solve automotive industry challenges to increase fuel efficiency and improve performance and comfort. These products find use in applications ranging from fasteners and electrical connectors to under-the-hood and external components, and are particularly prized for their ability to perform in harsh environments. Ascend’s latest PA66 compounds exhibit enhanced high temperature and hydrolysis resistance. 

PA66-based compound ranges include the glass-filled, heat-stabilized Vydyne H series, Vydyne HR series with best-in-class hydrolysis performance, and Vydyne HT series which provides high levels of resistance to property degradation after long-term heat exposure beneficial in turbo-charged systems. 

Ascend will also show several compounds with critical roles in hybrid and electric vehicles. The impact-modified Vydyne 40H and the electrically-neutral Vydyne J series are used to manage and protect the wiring that relays power and information throughout the vehicle. These compounds are ideal for hybrid and EV connectors, cable jacketing, cable ties and fasteners. 

“The shift already underway in the auto industry requires innovation and technology,” said Scott Rook, Ascend’s vice president of nylon. “Our newest Vydyne PA66 compounds are not only innovative in their own right, but they spur innovation in engineering and design.”

Volker Kessler, Ascend’s European automotive segment manager, will be discussing the company’s innovative PA66 solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles on Tuesday, 17 October, between 14:20 and 15:00 in the Fakuma Exhibitor Forum in the Foyer East – Gallery – Europa Lounge.

Superior insulation, high fire resistance for E&E

For consumer, commercial and automotive E&E, Ascend offers Vydyne grades developed to meet increasing demands for safety, reliability and performance. The company’s new Vydyne FR350J, for example, is an unreinforced, flame-retardant material ideal for connectors used in unattended domestic appliances. FR350J has the highest possible GWIT (glow wire ignition temperature) rating with zero flame: 960°C at all thicknesses. 

A second recent introduction, Vydyne ECO366H, is an unreinforced PA66 grade that obtains a UL94 V-0 rating at thicknesses as low as 0.4 mm; it also exhibits best-in-class RTI electrical (the relative thermal index associated with critical electrical insulating properties) of 150°C, making it ideal for terminal blocks. ECO366H exhibits superior melt flow and low plate-out for intricate parts and delivers good stiffness/impact balance, chemical resistance and superior thermal resistance.

“Our E&E products are pushing the envelope in terms of performance and processing,” said Ed Nerlich, Ascend’s E&E global segment leader. “FR350J and ECO 366H offer unique properties and finished part performance. They are also very easy to process; saving time and money.”

Posted October 12, 2017

Source: Ascend Performance Materials