DB Tex Selects SPGPrints Engravers, Printing Machines

Bangladesh-based DB Tex Ltd. — a DBL Group company — recently purchased two additional bestLEN direct laser engraving systems from the Netherlands-based SPGPrints, bringing the total number of bestLEN machines in production to six. The company also has ordered two new 16-color printing machines, which will be installed during the second quarter of 2018.

“The new printers will take the capacity of our factory from 20 tons per day to 40 tons per day,” said Shah Imtiaz Ahsan, assistant general manager, DB Tex. “That represents about 200,000 garments per day, and to meet that level of production and maintain the highest standards of quality possible, we are adding the two bestLEN engravers.

“Reliability is a prime consideration. We operate 24/7, 354 days a year,” Ahsan said. “That means we use up to 120 screens per day in our production. With each bestLEN producing 10 to 12 screens per shift, we can keep up, but the addition of the new printer means we needed the extra screen engraving capacity.”

September/October 2017