SGIA Announces Product of the Year Winners To Be On Display At 2017 SGIA Expo

FAIRFAX, Va. — August 14, 2017 — SGIA has announced the winners of the 2017 Product of the Year Awards, and 49 products rose to the top of the 222 entries. A list of category winners is below.

“Wherever we could, we used objective criteria,” said Ray Weiss, Digital Imaging specialist, SGIA. “That means categories like Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Textile were objectively evaluated to include industry specifications.”

This year’s competition saw several new categories, including die-cutters, automation equipment, RIP and workflow software, and finished garment blanks.

“The uptick in the number of fabrics entered underlines the surge in printing to fabric. In fact, this year we saw the most entries ever in dye sublimation and direct-to-fabric printing,” Weiss added.

Entries will be on display in the Golden Image Gallery at the 2017 SGIA Expo (New Orleans, October 10–12), and the awards will be presented in a special ceremony the night before the SGIA Expo opens.

“Each of the entries is something special,” Weiss said. “I encourage everyone to visit the display in the Golden Image Gallery.”

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  • Digital Inks — Textile: Sawgrass (Booth 2975), SubliJet-HD FLEX Sublimation Inks
  • Digital Inks — UV: Marabu North America LP (Booth 2119), UltraJet DUV-GR
  • Finishing — Display/Exhibit Hardware: Windigo Signs (Booth 617), Windigo Portable Sidewalk Sign
  • Finishing — Equipment — Routers/Cutters: Gravograph (Booth 4107), LS900 Energy Laser Engraver
  • Finishing — Equipment — Die Cutters: Rollem International (Booth 1944), Insignia Die Cutters
  • Finishing — Equipment — All Others: Leister (Booth 3356), HEMTEK ST Banner Welder
  • Finishing — Laminates, Adhesives, Films, Coatings: BannerUps E.L. Hatton Sales Co. (Booth 3504), Banner Ups KederTape Adhesive No-Sew Keder for SEG Signs
  • Automation Equipment (Print/Post): Esko (Booth 1321), Kongsberg Automatic Robotics System
  • Software — Workflow/RIP or Web-Based Design, Personalization, or Product Bldg:Onyx Graphics, Inc. (Booth 2435), ONYX Hub
  • Media — Films: Newlife Magnetics LLC (Booth 3049), MIRACLE MAG
  • Media — Non-PVC: Flexmag Industries Inc. (Booth 2401), Flexcoat-EZ 40 in.
  • Media — Adhesive Back (Not Vinyl): Floor Signage LLC/AlumiGraphics (Booth 3168), EZGrip Graphics
  • Media — Rigid/Corrugated: United Visual Products Inc. (Booth 3727), Blank LED Embedded Corrugated Sign
  • Media — Banner (Non-Textile): Vescom America (Booth 3953), VESCOM Metallic Sand
  • Media — Heat Transfer Vinyl/PU/Specialty: Chemica US Corp (Booth 3145), HotMark Revolution
  • Media — Textile — Apparel: Fisher Textiles (Booth 2201), ETP 4310 Uni
  • Media — Textile — Banner: Pacific Coast Fabrics part of TVF (Booth 2445), Heavy Deko-Stretch 8488GFS
  • Media — Textile — Framing Systems: SENFA-DECOPRINT (Booth 4141), ALTERRA
  • Media — Textile — Canvas: Pacific Coast Fabrics part of TVF (Booth 2445), Basketweave Canvas S/565
  • Media — Textile — Wall Covering: Dreamscape (Booth 3151), DreamScape WallWrap Silver Fusion
  • Media — Textile — Home Furnishings: PremEx Solutions (Booth 523), DuraVibe Latex Fabric / Leenane
  • Media — Adhesive Back Vinyl: Mactac — REBEL X-treme, (Booth 3249)
  • Textile — Finished Garment — Synthetic: Vapor Apparel (Booth 2745), Vapor Apparel — Solar Performance Long Sleeve T
  • Textile — Finished Garment — Natural Fiber: Image Armor/i-Group Technologies (Booth 1006), RTP Apparel
  • Textile — Finished Garment — Blends: Terry Town (Booth1652), DP2315 Water Repellent Microfiber Picnic Basket
  • Screen Printing — Pre-Press (Exposure/Imaging): M&R Companies (Booth 531,621), I-Image S Computer-to-Screen Imaging System
  • Screen Printing — Manual Garment Press: Lawson Screen & Digital Products (Booth 413, 901), Lawson Proton
  • Screen Printing — Automatic Garment Press: M&R Companies (Booth 531,621), CHALLENGER III Automatic Screen Printing Press
  • Screen Printing — Curing & Drying Equipment: Brown Manufacturing Group (Booth 1845, 3301), FireFly and Vega Combined Curing System
  • Screen Printing — Post-Press (Clean/Reclaim): Lawson Screen & Digital Products (Booth 413, 901), Lawson Ajax In-Line Reclaimer
  • Direct-to-Garment Printers (White Shirt): OmniPrint International (Booth 2427), 330 TX Plus
  • Direct-to-Garment Printers (Color Shirt — Not White): Kornit Digital (Booth 1617) Kornit Vulcan
  • Flatbed/Hybrid (under $100K): Mutoh America Inc (Booth 2545), ValueJet 1638UH
  • UV Hybrid ($100–$500K): EFI (Booth 1501), EFI Pro 16h
  • UV Flatbed (Under $100K): Canon Solutions America — Océ Display Graphics Systems (Booth 2525), Arizona 365GT
  • UV Flatbed ($100K–$200K): Vanguard Digital Printing Systems (Booth 1967), VK300D
  • UV Flatbed ($200K–$500K): Canon Solutions America — Océ Display Graphics Systems (Booth 2525), Arizona 6160 XTS with High Flow Vacuum
  • UV Flatbed + White ($100K–$200K): Mimaki USA Inc. (Booth 1231, 1345, 1445), JFX200 2531
  • UV Flatbed + White ($200K–$500K): Canon Solutions America — Océ Display Graphics Systems (Booth 2525), Arizona 6170 XTS with High Flow Vacuum
  • Small Flatbed (Industrial/Small Item Decoration): Mutoh America Inc (Booth 2545), ValueJet 626UF
  • Roll-to-Roll Solvent/Latex (Under 80 in.): Mutoh America Inc (Booth 2545), ValueJet 1638X
  • Roll-to-Roll Solvent/Latex (Over 80 in.): HP Inc. (Booth 1029,1045), HP Latex 3600
  • Roll-to-Roll UV (Under 80 in.): Mutoh America Inc. (Booth 2545), ValueJet 1638UH
  • Roll-to-Roll UV (Over 80 in.): Durst Image Technology US, LLC (Booth 1945), Rho 312R Plus
  • RTR/Hybrid/Flatbed New Technology or Inkset: Canon Solutions America — Océ Display Graphics Systems (Booth 2525), Colorado 1640
  • Roll-to-Roll Direct Disperse Ink on Textile: Durst Image Technology US, LLC (Booth 1945), Rhotex 325
  • Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Textile: EPSON (Booth 1301), Printer Model TBAEditor’s Note: This is a new product that will not be released until September 2017. EPSON has embargoed the product name until that time.
  • Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Metal: EPSON (Booth 1301), SureColor F6200
  • UV Hybrid/Flatbed High Volume Production Class: Durst Image Technology US, LLC (Booth 1945), Rho P10 250 HS Plus

Posted August 15, 2017

Source: SGIA