SPGPrints Announces Expansion Plans

To support the production of digital inks, the Netherlands-based SPGPrints will open a 1,000-square-meter addition to its headquarters location during the final quarter
of 2017. The addition is part of an 8-million euro investment plan, and represents the second expansion at the facility in two years.

Part of SPGPrint’s investment plan also includes a new Experience Center, which will be dedicated to innovation in digital textile printing.

“The increase in the volume of our ink production means that we will continue to be able to serve the expanding digital textile printing market that we have helped to build over the last three decades,” said Jos Notermans, commercial manager, digital textiles, SPGPrints. “The global retail markets are now in a position to take advantage of the benefits of digital printing as it moves into the mainstream as a production method.”

July/August 2017