Milliken Receives Three Awards, Redefines The Role Of Flooring At NeoCon 2017

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — June 28, 2017 — Two Milliken flooring solutions took three accolades at NeoCon 2017: a Metropolis Magazine’s #MetropolisLikes Award, a BUILDINGS Product Innovations Grand Award and an Interior Design HiP at NeoCon Honoree Award. Spanning a range of audiences, the honors illustrate how Milliken flooring solutions provide both innovative design and unparalleled performance with meaningful advantages for architects, designers and end-use facility managers.

The Encryption collection, which premiered at NeoCon 2017, won a #MetropolisLikes Award and was a finalist for Interior Design’s HiP at NeoCon Award for Workplace: Carpet.

The Moraine collection won the BUILDINGS Product Innovations Grand Award for Flooring, highlighting its unique approach to subfloor moisture management as an added benefit for facility managers.

“We’re proving how building materials can move beyond surface-level aesthetics—and how doing so significantly benefits architects, designers and facility managers alike,” said Mark Strohmaier, vice president of marketing for the Milliken floor covering division. “It’s an honor to be recognized at NeoCon for elevating flooring’s role in design and functional problem-solving.”

Encryption Collection

#MetropolisLikes winner, HiP at NeoCon honoree

A technological exploration of shadows and highlights, Encryption explores the increasingly blurred line between people and technology. The aesthetic is both timeless and unmistakably modern—balancing maximalism and minimalism, and forming the foundation for commercial environments where technology enhances the form and function of our lives.

Layered pixelated color blocks interplay shadows and highlights for familiar yet novel floor structure. Digital texture is encoded through a pseudo-random pattern for elevated dimensionality. Two complementary patterns—Block Code and Linear Code—in twenty color options and 25 cm x 1 m plank carpet tiles can be used individually or in conjunction with one another.

At first glance, tiers of block structures convey a sense of connectivity. Upon closer examination, extraordinarily intricate layers of many colors begin to reveal themselves. Only achievable through Milliken’s high-definition Digital Dye Injection (DDI) technology, the nuanced layering results in a dynamic tertiary read of color. This technology-enabled design nods the now fundamental role of connectivity in the 21st-century lifestyle.

Benefits of Encryption include:

  • Features 39.3 percent total recycled content to minimize raw materials consumption without compromising performance;
  • Constructed with high-performance Milliken-Certified WearOn® nylon type 6,6;
  • Free of all 21 Red List Chemicals with a Red List Compliant Declare label;
  • Available with TractionBack® bio-based, adhesive-free installation to reduce or eliminate VOC off-gassing;
  • Manufactured with zero process waste sent to landfill and up to 51 percent renewable energy derived from landfill-harvested methane; and
  • Contributes to LEED, Living Building Challenge, WELL Building Standard and other green certifications.

Moraine Collection

BUILDINGS Product Innovations Grand winner

A contemporary celebration of the earth’s contrasting contours, Moraine depicts the varied topography of the earth’s surface. Four patterns—Explorer, Navigator, Relief and Regions—offer a range of geometric abstractions and line densities to create new planes and textures for the floor.

Designed by the Milliken Asia Pacific Design Team, Moraine showcases the capabilities of Milliken’s global design studio, regionalizing a cartography-inspired collection for the Americas. Doing so allows global companies to create and maintain interior brand standards in locations worldwide.

Moraine features a unique PVC-free, open-cell cushion backing that provides a myriad of performance benefits, including unparalleled moisture control built into the carpet construction. Created with performance and longevity in mind, its moisture management properties provide assurance for facility managers.

Subfloor moisture is an estimated $1 billion issue and a leading cause of flooring failure. It is a result of rising water tables and/or improperly cured concrete subfloors—issues that often arise when trying to meet tight project deadlines.

Milliken’s moisture vapor-wicking, open cell cushion-backed carpet enables water vapor to evaporate before it ever turns into damaging liquid water—solving the root cause of costly subfloor moisture issues. Instead of viewing floor preparation as a prerequisite of installation, Milliken modular carpet eliminates the cost and time of flooring prep.

Additional benefits of Moraine include:

  • Features a total recycled content of 41 percent;
  • Constructed with a durable tufted, textured loop of Milliken-Certified WearOn® nylon;
  • Protected with StainSmart® stain and soil resist and repel to extend the life of the carpet;
  • Carries an Environmental Product Declaration and Declare Label – LBC Compliant;
  • Contributes to LEED, Living Building Challenge, WELL Building Standard and other green certifications; and
  • Manufactured by Milliken using renewable energy and with zero process waste sent to landfill,

Posted June 28, 2017

Source: Milliken