Techtextil 2017 Exhibitor Preview: Monforts

MONCHENGLADBACH, Germany — March 6, 2017 — Monforts will demonstrate its full range of new coating units for the first time at Techtextil’17 — incorporating Knife over roller/air system; magnetic roller system; and printing head systems.

The Monforts coating range ‘texCOAT’ is now available worldwide and follows the recent acquisition of renown manufacturer Timatec; who was previously active mainly in the central European markets.

New applications and interesting references of the coating units will be presented as well including membrane- and Filter- applications.

Single sourced solutions ranging from single sided applications of finishing agents such as, for example, outdoor clothing and functionalization of textiles in the home textiles sector, through to sophisticated lightweight construction using innovative textile-based coated materials in the automotive and aerospace industries are now available.

The various coating modules can be used with or without a magnet system. For working widths above 240 cm use of a magnetic doctor blade is recommended.

The coating systems are available in four versions – basic, multi-functional, universal and multi-functional.

The basic version, for example, offers manual adjustment in two positions for air knife and roller knife coating and printing without magnet for working widths of up to 240 cm.

The Multi-functional version with two position manual adjustment is designed for magnetic knife coating with a working width of up to 240 cm and screen printing.

The Universal version features motorised adjustment with three positions for foam coating, roller knife coating and magnetic knife coating; for working widths above 240 cm.

The fourth, Multi-functional version, with three position motorised adjustment has been designed for direct fabric feed coating applications using printing templates and operating modes with roller knife and magnetic knife.         .

Monforts can also provide Ex-proof ranges for solvent-based coatings and for high temperature processes up to 320°C such as, for example, PTFE sintering.

The Monforts range of coating solutions also includes the recently introduced Montex  Allround.

Designed for constantly changing technical textile coating process applications, the systems coating modules can be quickly and easily changed by a specially designed undercarriage from the side of the unit; allowing it to be adapted for different applications.

All Monforts coating systems feature simple and user friendly PLC techniques with on-screen visualisation for all operating modes. Recipe management for different coating processes are integrated in to the proven Qualitex control system of the Montex stenter.

Monforts Technologists will also be at the show to offer expert coating advice.

Posted April 12, 2017

Source: Monforts