Techtextil 2017 Exhibitor Preview: Tanatex

EDE, Netherlands — April 10, 2017 — Forget about iPhones and APIs. The future of tech lies in textiles, or smart textiles, to be more exact. Now that new technologies allow manufacturers to add extra features to their clothes, curtains and car upholstery, technical textiles are the new normal. If there’s any secret of success, it lies in the ability to combine functionality with style and comfort. At the Techtextil International Trade Fair in Frankfurt, to be held May 9-12, Tanatex will introduce six textile solutions to help achieve just that. Can’t wait that long? Read on for a sneak preview!

No. 1: Tailormade solutions
As a textile professional, you deal with demanding customers daily, meaning you need to work on your added value non-stop. This is why our textile solutions all come with an expert that tailors them to your standards and machinery. This way, you get exactly what you need.

No.2: Performance improvers
Two top-shelf products don’t guarantee a perfect combination. If you work with several coatings, finishes and fabric types, you need crosslinkers and boosters that strengthen properties and avoid unwanted chemical reactions. Our experts know which ones you need to get the best out of each individual component. Just say the word and we’ll advise you!

No.3: Pure Performance
The magic of the end-product lies in the quality of the fabric. Our Pure Performance concept enables you to anticipate your customers’ wishes by improving stretch, elasticity, durability and shape recovery by forming a permanent and durable film around the fibre.

No.4: Storm Fit
Outdoor activities are wildly popular, boosting the demand for breathable apparel. We developed a way to transport sweat and high body temperatures without compromising the water-and wind-resistant qualities of your textiles. This way, users stay dry and comfortable under extreme weather conditions.

No.5: Insect proof
Insects can be real fun saboteurs, and in some areas, they even carry life threatening diseases. We developed a finish containing permethrin, that keeps away everything that bites, stings or even buzzes. Our Insect Proof finish can be added to any type of clothing, from fishing garment to army uniform.

No.6: Qi-tex
The way we dress influences the way we move. Our Qi-tex finish contains minerals that boost the wearer’s energy level, resulting in better balance and movements. The solution turns your textiles into performance optimisers; whether you add them to adaptive clothing for elderly people or to sportswear.

See you there!

Do you share our passion for textiles? Meet us at the Techtextil symposium! We’ll be in hall 3.0 at stand F80. Our product specialists will be happy to tell you all about our products and the way we collaborate.

Posted April 10, 2017

Source: Tanatex