Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry fair 2017: Sharing Of Expertise On Complex Issues Of Inks And Print-Heads

SHANGHAI — April 3, 2017 — Gauging development trends of digital printing ink and nozzle helps end-users to seize the initiative. In view of this, there will be a number of sharing sessions on different themes at the oncoming Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Exhibition (TPF) from April 19-21. The intent is to have in-depth discussions on the development of digital printing ink and nozzle. In particular, the organizers have invited Dr Tim Philips, MD, IMI Europe, to speak on latest inkjet technology for textile digital printing at the technical lecture area of the exhibition hall on April 20.

Discussing the nuances of digital printing

Dr. Philips will focus on the world’s leading textile inkjet technology in digital printing and share a new generation of advanced film sprinklers, single pass high-speed printing machines and paint inks. Through technology, we can overcome different challenges in different circumstances. Also on the agenda is a discussion on how to open new opportunities through the technological advances brought by industry leaders.

As founder of Catenary Solutions and Managing Director of IMI Europe, Dr. Philips has extensive experience in inkjet integration projects. He has worked at Xennia Technologies for eight years, a leading inkjet solution company acquired by Sensient in 2015. He founded Catenary Solutions in 2015 to bring more digital solution development and marketing knowledge to wider audience. As the managing director of IMI Europe, Dr. Philips offers a wide range of courses, including inkjet studios, inkjet ink manufacturing and digital textile printing courses. The forum will be able to convey to the audience the most advanced inkjet technology and digital solutions in TPF2017.

Knowledge sharing on textiles inks, print heads

In textile ink usage, printing problem and filtering solution has always plagued users. The reason of the breakdown of textile digital printing is extremely complex, there are ink salting out, hydrolysis, reunion, filter fiber shedding and other conventional problems, and there are issues like compatibility, ink raw materials and other problems, even the inkjet filter selection and the installation are closely related with the print quality. The organizers have thus invited senior sales manager, Chen Xincan, Hangzhou Kebaite Filtering Equipment, to share knowledge about filtering of textile inks with the TPF2017 audience.

At present, paint is the second largest pigment material behind dyes in textile industry. And in textile printing, paint printing has 80 per cent market share globally. In this context, Li Jianfa, international marketing director in China, National Glazed Group, will speak on the application and case analysis of paint ink on digital printing. He will also share the composition of paint ink, coating process of coating ink and application of coating ink in blended and man-made fibres.

Industry’s authoritative ink and nozzle suppliers will be especially invited to attend the seminar presided over by Dr. Philips, and give insights on latest technology. The audience will get the opportunity interact with industry experts and top brands and put forward the problems encountered in application.

Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Exhibition (TPF)

The 8th Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Exhibition, hosted by UBM China and Shanghai Longyang, will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center for three consecutive days from April 19 to 21.

Highlights of TPF 2017:

  • About 230 leading exhibitors from the digital printing industry
  • Connecting all important points in the supply chain
  • Design Pavilion’ for the first time, to help accelerate development of original design
  • China Digital Textile Conference (CDTC)
  • Buyers Mission & Business Matching
  • Workshop & Technical Presentation
  • Engaging Concurrent Programs

The exhibition is expected to attract about 230 exhibitors who will lay out the latest and perfect digital printing machines and matching ink, nozzles, software and so on. Also on the agenda are numerous forums and one to one business negotiations.

Posted April 6, 2017

Source: Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Exhibition