INDEX™ 17 Exhibitor Preview: ITW Dynatec

METTMANN, Germany — February 2017 — ITW Dynatec will feature its latest equipment and technology at INDEX™ 17, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland, April 4-7, Booth #4045. Held every three years, INDEX is the largest global meeting place for the nonwovens market, its suppliers and customers.

ITW DYNATEC equipment and technology featured at the event will include DynaControl® V6 Modular Control Platform, Ultra™ Link High Performance Applicator Platform and Velocity™ Metered Applicator Platform. Brand owners, converters and manufacturers alike can experience these newest adhesive application innovations from ITW Dynatec and learn about their unique advantages and benefits.

The new equipment offerings on display at INDEX 17 demonstrate ITW Dynatec’s progressive approach to exploring new ideas and new business models to lead the market with original concepts and true added value. When combined with ITW Dynatec’s uncompromising dedication to its customers, they generate client partnerships that achieve substantial advantages over competitors through innovative technologies and the highest quality solutions.


DynaControl® V6 is Dynatec’s next generation Modular Control Platform, delivering greater productivity and reducing waste, while lowering total cost of ownership by as much as 50%. The new DynaControl V6 is fully compatible with DynaControl V5, making it easy to migrate, and the new software offers a variety of options to optimize productivity. The DynaControl V6 platform features simplified operator training and maintenance, and uses the same spare parts as all other Dynatec units.

A highly flexible system, DynaControl® V6 provides multi-system control through a single central HMI with remote access capabilities for seamless integration. Its advanced ramp compensation results in more accurate glue dispensing with little to no scrap production while significantly reducing product waste as much as 95 percent.

The new Ultra™ Linkplatform is the latest in a series of hot melt adhesive and fluid applicators from ITW Dynatec and is designed to provide the highest level of pattern accuracy. The new Ultra technology provides common parts, including modules, filters, heaters and many other parts for all applications common to baby diapers, feminine pads and adult incontinence lines. Ultra Link platform applicators include:

Ultra SCS: A modular hot melt applicator platform, designed for precise adhesive deposition at highest line speeds, it can be fitted with UltraTM Stitch and UltraTM Touch nozzle designs to meet multiple requirements. It offers larger adhesive orifices for less plugging and higher line efficiency and features optimized module technology for faster response and longer cycle life. This new technology also will provide 20 percent to 40 percent adhesive savings versus other individual strand coating applicators.

Ultra Slot: Capable of running at higher line speeds (up to 700 MPM), it is designed to minimize maintenance time and reduce the number of spare parts required. It is available with either a front quick- mount solenoid or top surface mount solenoid and has built in Rapid Change Over die mounting for fast pattern conversion.

Ultra Spray: A versatile high performing hot melt applicator technology, it offers two nozzle options: High Speed UFD™ – featuring larger orifices and a more robust nozzle that delivers reduced plugging and better pattern consistency; and Ultra HSI – a patent-pending nozzle that provides the most precise start/stop and side edge definition available in the market.


The new Velocity metered applicator platform features a smaller, simplified footprint with a design that is based on Dynatec’s patented, award-winning Vector metered applicator technology. This advanced solution features precision adhesive control to individual modules, providing end users with products of the highest quality. It is the only system in the market that offers Ultra Link advantages combined with metered technology.

Users now have the ability to employ a metered applicator at the point of application and track adhesive consumption while minimizing adhesive usage in sections of the pads when compared to other technologies.

VelocityTM metered applicators include Velocity SCS, Velocity Slot and Velocity Spray. They are designed up to a 300mm width and have a 12-pump capacity. The Velocity SCS can also be fitted with either Ultra Stitch or Ultra Touch nozzles, while the Velocity Spray applicator utilizes the High Speed UFD or Ultra HSI nozzles.

Among the many other features of the Velocity metered applicator platform are easy replacement of pumps for changing product types, an expanded pump RPM range for fewer stocked pumps, and standard and precision pump options to meet tiered accuracy demands.

Attendees are invited to visit the ITW Dynatec stand at INDEX 17 where company executives, representatives and technical experts are scheduled to be on hand and available to showcase and explain the many advantages of the new DynaControl V6, Velocity and Ultra Link technologies, including how they can be efficiently and effectively integrated into existing manufacturing facilities. Visitors also will discover how a strategic partnership with ITW Dynatec can lead to long-term success and increased profitability. Company partnerships are built on the company’s commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. These underlying principles benefit partners worldwide through continuous efficiency improvement, waste reduction, safety and the sound management of people and the environment.

Posted March 3, 2017

Source: ITW Dynatec