Santex Rimar Group And Has Group: Further Growth In Textile Machinery Business

TRISSINO, Italy/ISTANBUL, Turkey — January 23, 2017 — Has Group joins Santex Rimar Group in a worldwide agreement of premiere distribution bringing new competences, sound know-how and long-term experience expected to become new significant value-added solutions for Santex Rimar Group portfolio.

Santex Rimar Group keeps growing with the aim of providing the largest and most comprehensive offering of the textile business in order to deeply understand and fulfill global customers’ needs during the whole production process. With this goal, different know-hows and cultures are united under high standards of quality, efficiency, advanced technology and reliability for customers.

“Has Group is a manufacturing excellence with relevant know-how in textile finishing process and inter alia in stenter machines production. From today on it will globally leverage on Santex Rimar Group distribution network, sales and marketing expertise” said Stefano Gallucci, Santex Rimar Group CEO who concludes: “With this agreement of premiere distribution, we will streamline our combined technical capabilities and expertise to build value-added solutions for customers throughout the world”.

“We are pleased to announce the globalization of Has Group together with Santex Rimar Group”, said Tamer Hasbay, Has Group president, “Has Group will continue to take care of Turkey as well as in the neighboring countries but the new global structure will allow us to pursue profitable markets, build on our core strengths, accelerate our research and development activities and have a common quality platform for all our product lines”.

Posted January 23, 2016

Source: Santex Rimar Group