Synalloy Chemicals Launches FlameQuest Barrier Solutions First Quarter 2017

RICHMOND, Va. — December 14, 2016 — Tony Jones, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing for Synalloy, has announced major changes in the availability and promotion of Synalloy’s line of flame protective barrier treatments.

Jones explained: “We developed some proprietary and patented technology used to produce highly effective flame barriers aimed primarily toward the mattress and home furnishings industries. Because this protective treatment system can radically impact performance of treated items at low cost, our company has recognized the need to market this technology more broadly. With this new emphasis, we elected to position our Barrier Solutions as part of our FlameQuest fire retardant family of products.”

Warren Stedham, business development executive with Synalloy, offered details of Barrier Solutions:

“Barrier Solutions is a marriage of coating technology with advanced fire retardant chemistry. Depending on the performance requirements, we select chemistry from our FlameQuest product line.  We then marry this protective chemistry to a selected coating chemistry. Because our FlameQuest line has both micronized powders and sub micro dispersions we can formulate to meet most any requirement. We do all the heavy lifting, what the customer sees is a ready to apply coating that delivers foolproof performance.”

Mike Junkins, global product manager for Synalloy, said: “We will begin work immediately to expand this technology into different markets where we already sell our FlameQuest line. We fully expect our barriers to quickly find application in technical textiles, protective apparel, automotive, appliance insulation, aircraft, and other markets. To gain added value with just an application of our barrier is exciting news to manufacturers. FlameQuest Barrier Solutions will be marketed through the Synalloy Chemicals sales force and by our national network of affiliated specialty companies and distributors.”

Posted December 16, 2016

Source: Synalloy Chemicals