Saurer Presents A Full Range Of Innovations At ITME India 2016 With A Focus On Make In India

WATTWIL, Switzerland — November 3, 2016 — Saurer Group’s E3 (triple added value) – philosophy of innovation and sustainability was devel- oped with a clear customer focus. Highest productivity, maximum raw material utilization and excellent yarn characteristics are key success factors for today’s textile producers. The Saurer Group is the only full range supplier in the world offering complete automation from roving with an interspersed transport system to ring spinning and up to linked winding, leading in twisting applications, setting standards in yarn processing components, having the fastest shuttle embroidery machine and revolutionizing the rotor spinning technology. But being the partner of choice along the entire textile value chain, requires innovative products but also proximity to customers. The newly inaugurated Saurer manufacturing facility in Karjan, is producing highest quality ring spinning machinery and components. The ZinserImpact 72 made in India will be shown for the first time at ITME along with Saurer’s full range of innovative prod- ucts.

Saurer is present with its machinery brands; Schlafhorst, Zinser, Allma, Volkmann, Saurer Embroidery and Components brands; Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Temco, Texparts in Hall 1, booth H1B12C11.

Schlafhorst and Zinser

Ring spinning machines from Zinser: a new level of efficiency in the commodity segment

At a length of 2,016 spindles, the Zinser 72 ring spinning machine breaks the 2,000 barrier and sets new standards for efficiency in the commodity segment. The machine is super-long, super-economical and extremely user-friendly. It lowers production costs by up to 11 percent and has a footprint that is up to 21 percent smaller compared with shorter rival machines. The new both-end TwinSuction system, combined with the sensor-controlled OptiSuction yarn break suction system, achieves an energy saving of up to 66 percent during suction.

The ZinserImpact 72 compact spinning machine is equipped with the self-cleaning Impact FX unit and guarantees top productivity, maximum process reliability and optimal raw material utilization.

The new ZinserSpeed 5A roving frame consumes 20 percent less energy. With a 220mm gauge the roving frame is also up to 17 percent shorter than its legendary predecessor. The new automatic doffer features a doffing time of less than two minutes, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in terms of productivity. The RoWeLift bobbin transfer station uses a 1:1 transfer to deploy the roving bobbins in roving bobbin transport systems featuring flexible configuration for targeted and non-contact feed to the ring spinning machines.

Zinser is the only supplier offering excellent opportunities for the highest possible degree of automation in the ring spinning mill, adapted to individual customer requirements.
With the ZinserSpeed 5A roving frame, the Zinser 72 ring spinning machine and the Autoflow automa- tion solution, Zinser paves the way for its customers to attain maximum process reliability.

At INDIA ITME 2016 in Mumbai, Zinser will be using its exhibition booth to present the ZinserImpact 72 compact spinning machine in combination with the Autoconer 6.

Autoconer 6: the benchmark for winding efficiency and intelligent automation

The Autoconer 6, now with E3 label, sets new benchmarks regarding energy, economics and ergo- nomics, due to intelligent sensor technology and smart process control. This has been proven since his market launch in numerous installations. Innovations such as LaunchControl, SmartCycle and SmartJet boost productivity by up to 6 percent compared with the previous model. The new Eco-Drum-Drive system, SmartCycle and the intelligent vacuum control system “Power on demand” reduce the energy consumption on the Autoconer 6 by up to 20 percent. Unique in the winding machinery market are its features, such as auto calibration of the splicer feeder arm, Energy Monitoring and intelligent doffer functions like SmartJet and TubeCheck. This makes winding more ergonomic and independent of personnel. The machine maintains its considerable lead in value creation with the Autoconer package, remaining the benchmark for quality and added value in downstream processing, both for commodity applications and for the very sophisticated demands of high-end applications. Schlafhorst offers customized technology solutions, incl. the new, flexible SmartSplicer-family. Suitable for every automation requirement, various features are available for perfectly automated and individually designed process flows for every spinning plant, from the manually operated machine type RM to the direct link to the ring spinning machine with type V.

Rotor spinning machines from Schlafhorst: the production platforms of the future

The new Autocoro 9 with its individual spinning position technology sets new records for energy consumption, productivity, economic efficiency, ease of operation and quality in the fully automated machine segment. It is a strong driver of optimized textile value creation in the textile process chain: 25 percent lower energy consumption, 19 percent reduction in spinning costs, proven rotor speeds of 180,000 rpm, take-up speeds of 300 m/min and a 60 percent lower servicing outlay are just some of its outstanding performance features. The new semi-automatic BD 7 is also in a league of its own, It produces extremely economical packages in Autocoro quality up to 320 mm in diameter. Up to 10 percent less energy consumption, extremely fast take-up speeds of 230 m/min on all lengths of machine and improved use of available space reduce spinning costs and increase the profitability of spinning mills in the semiautomatic segment.

Plant Operation Centre – Real time production monitoring

Spinning mills using Saurer Schlafhorst and Zinser Plant Operation Centres (POC) monitor their production and quality data to improve efficiency. Thanks to the real time data from all machines linked with POC, the customer receives an all-time information transparency to ensure perfectly timed interventions for an increased productivity and yarn quality.


With the innovative SUN – SERVICE UNLIMITED service concept, Schlafhorst and Zinser offer their customers support in their day-to-day operations that is unmatched by any other manufacturer. Over 500 service staff in 20 service stations and 3 technology centers advise customers all over the world with regard to productivity and quality increases as well as energy conservation. With their unique know-how they help customers to master textile-technological challenges and to gain a lead over their competitors. The e-commerce platform SECOS 2.0 guarantees minimum response times in the delivery of original spare parts. And in SUN-PLAN Schlafhorst has developed a new service concept that is unique within the industry: Individual service at a fixed price.

Allma Volkmann — Allma and Volkmann show their innovations at India ITME 2016

As the world’s leading manufacturers of twisting and cabling machines, Allma and Volkmann will be presenting innovative products and solutions in the following segments: staple fibre yarns, carpet yarns, tire cord, industrial yarns and glass filament yarns.

FusionTwister – always one step ahead

With the FusionTwister, Volkmann is presenting its two-for-one twisting machine for staple fiber yarns with the best price performance ratio. The FusionTwister is worldwide known for its high reliability as well as best twist quality and productivity due to spindle geometry for special applications, increased spindle synchronization, optimum package build-up und high-class yarn guiding elements. Reduction in energy consumption of up to 40 percent is ensured by the energy-optimized spindle and yarn balloon geometry. Further customer benefits include high flexibility, low space requirement, low set-up times, less noise emission and reduced maintenance and erection time.

Volkmann offers with the two-for-one twisting systems for manufacturing of staple fiber twists an optimum in variability and flexibility with considerably reduced energy consumption. And there is more: the name Volkmann stands for dedicated employees, top quality and an infrastructure for all requirements from research and development to customer service.

An attractive comprehensive package is available with a range of service oriented toward customer needs — from project planning to a service guarantee with original part availability for all machine generations.

CableCorder CC4 – twist & save with E3 technology

With its future-oriented technology, the CableCorder CC4 cabling machine, which has been awarded the Saurer E3 label, offers energy savings of up to 50 percent in the tire cord cabling process. Since energy represents by far the most significant cost factor in the overall cabling process, this promises revolutionary production cost savings for manufacturers of tire cord. The reduction in energy consumption also results in a lowering of the heat load in production facilities, which in turn leads to a lowering of air conditioning costs. The higher economic efficiency is also increased by up to 50 percent fewer yarn breaks, improved quality and high machine efficiency. The added value for machine operators consists of lower noise emissions in the production facility and reduced operating times thanks to user-friendly machine handling. An innovative enhancement of the machine to the production of 2-ply tire cord is the option for producing also 3-ply tire cord in a single-stage process.

Saurer Embroidery

Saurer Embroidery is the world market leader in embroidery production systems. Here a wealth of experience extending back over many generations is coupled with up-to-date knowledge for the textile future. Fashion is moving at an ever increasing pace, to match the customer’s requirements and exceed their expectations is the key philosophy of Saurer Embroidery. At ITME in India Saurer Embroidery will show the latest innovations for a flexible and efficient embroidery production.

Epoca 7 – the innovative embroidery system with highest level of productivity and performance

In addition to energy savings of up to 5 percent, our customers can benefit from a 20 percent increase in productivity. The Epoca 7 achieves an embroidery speed of up to 700 rpm, and is therefore up to 18 percent faster than the previous generation. Apart from an increase in production speed, additional functions have been optimized and improved to achieve an overall performance increase of up to 20 percent.

Embroidery quality and technology for all market requirements: Innovative solutions lead to unparalleled adjustment options and top quality production at the touch of a button. This is guaranteed by new technologies on the needle side, such as individual thread guide activation, the newly developed thread delivery and the flat yarn path with gentle yarn treatment. The new electronic thread monitors detect yarn breaks more quickly and more precisely. The new precise thread cut ensures trouble-free production of high-quality embroidery.

The long service life of the Epoca 7 is based on modular and reliable components that are designed for high speed and minimal wear. This guarantees reliability to satisfy the highest expectations.

EmStudio – the embroidery software

The EmStudio CAD/CAM system integrates all the work steps on a single platform. Starting with drawing, punching and visualization, other functions also include production optimization, analysis of the operating data and archiving of the designs. With the new iSed – the intelligent Saurer editor – production and quality can be easily and efficiently optimized.

Saurer Components

Saurer Components is presents its excellence in filament as well as staple fiber processing at this year’s ITME in Mumbai. We are looking forward to presenting you new possibilities, innovations and our range of E. products.

Combined excellence for Staple Fibre Spinning – Saurer Accotex and Saurer Texparts are key component suppliers for staple fibre spinning. The latest coup is the Combined Excellence of Accotex Accosmart Sandwich Cots with the Drafting Systems from the Texparts PK 2600 Series. The combined excellence results in improved yarn quality, the competitive advantage for our customers.

What enables the combined excellence? The contact-surface between cot and yarn predominantly determines the yarn quality. The Accosmart concept reacts on the weighting arm load with an enhanced contact area. The PK SE Series featuring EasyDraft, independently working single elements with no load variation, allows the individual setting of 5 different load stages. By combining the PK SE Series with Accosmart, customers can achieve the ideal clamping line pressure in order to improve yarn quality.

Quality control at its best – Saurer Fibrevision is proud to announce that the Microscan 2 the innovative cable free instrument for on-line measurement of spin finish oil & entanglement will be presented at the ITME for the first time in India.

Monitoring Excellence for T&I – Fibrevision Fraycam 2 the next generation of the well-established Fraycam combines the extremely accurate Fraytec FV2 broken filament sensor with a high speed camera to enable advanced broken filament characterization. The Fraycam is available as stand-alone system or integrated with the Fraytec FV2 system, the improved version of the Fraytec the Industry Standard for Broken Filament Monitoring.

Bearing Excellence – Beside the High Speed Separator Roller VR50300 for yarn speeds up to 5,500 m/min introduces Saurer Temco its latest Twist Stopper generation a full metal solution for stable running behavior and longest bearing life.

Excellence in Shrinkage – Daytex® Shrinkage Belts outstanding resistance under heavy loads and in regard to heat and chemicals the exceptional long life in all applications are the key factors to ensure customers the best quality for all different shrinkage applications.

Leading the industry for more than 50 years has been achieved by outstanding product quality combined as a base for constant shrinkage results.

E. – Saurer Components answer to added value or in other words premium components with outstanding features in the field of energy savings, economic advantages or ergonomic solutions. Come and learn more about E. products.

Posted November 4, 2016

Source: The Saurer Group