Stretch, Selvedge And Sustainability Innovations Launched Among US Denim Fashions At Denim Première Vision Paris

LAHORE, Pakistan— October 31, 2016 — MaxFlex extreme stretch, original bistretch selvedge and advances in making jeans more planet-friendly are just some of the US Denim innovations launching at the Denim Première Vision show in Paris next week.

The US denim booth displays the breadth of the mill’s offerings, says the company’s European representative Rinze Koopmans. “And we’re also introducing an number of fabrics that showcase our product, technology and sustainability strengths.”

  • MaxFlex smashes current limits on fabric stretch-ability with stability to unheard-of levels — more than 100-percent stretch with less than 3.5-percent growth.
  • Bidirectional stretch selvedge denim woven on our vast array of specially adapted authentic antique selvedge looms.
  • Planet Friendly Synthetics for denim blends with the advantages of polyester, but with planet-friendly biodegradable fiber that decomposes in a couple of years instead of 100.
  • Airy yarn technology enhancements to give extra breathability and summer comfort in a range of new denims.
  • Ultra-light and Ultra-Comfy blends that use Modal, Tencel, Viscose and special long staple yarns create a luxurious soft feel.

“We’ll have our worldwide representatives at the booth to explain those technologies and answer questions about the fashion possibilities they create,” says Koopmans. Staff from the new US Denim offices in London will be on hand. “We’ll also share news about our progress on sustainable dyeing, seamless garments, recycling and more.”

Posted October 31, 2016

Source: US Denim