PANTONE Launches STUDIO, A Digital Workspace For Designers To Find, Capture And Experiment With Endless Color

CARLSTADT, N.J. — August 2, 2016 —Pantone LLC, an X-Rite company, today announced the launch of PANTONE Studio, a new iOS app for iPhone, and the brand’s largest foray into digital solutions for the creative industries.

As digital tools continue to transform the creative process and content consumption is ever evolving — Pantone has created a comprehensive, connected digital workspace for designers to experience its entire product and service offering. Intuitively designed by full-service digital agency Rokkan with the designer in mind, PANTONE Studio provides greater convenience in capturing Pantone color, building and testing that color in palettes, and sharing work directly into design software, on social media, or with friends, clients, and collaborators.

“Fifty-three years ago, Pantone was introduced as a standardized language to communicate specific colors in the print market,” said SVP and General Manager, Ron Potesky. “Today, Pantone has become iconic and indispensable as the de facto language of color across design disciplines, as well as a source of color intelligence and inspiration. Recognizing the needs of designers today, we created PANTONE Studio to provide a place where they can explore, capture, create and share color inspiration with friends and colleagues.”

Translating Color For The Digital Age

PANTONE Studio members will have access to a comprehensive library of more than 10,000 standardized hues across all Pantone libraries and disciplines, from fashion to graphics.

To translate the familiar process of searching through colors in a physical PANTONE fan deck into an instinctive digital user experience, each PANTONE Guide is visually laid out in a chromatically organized grid that allows members to continuously scroll over color families to find the perfect hue.

New colors released by Pantone will be automatically updated in the digital studio.

Color Values and References: Color data (sRGB, Hex and CMYK values) and harmonies are displayed for each color, as is the visual cross-reference of that color across Pantone libraries, including PANTONE PLUS Series (Graphics/Ink), Fashion, Home + Interiors (Cotton Textiles and Pigment) and PANTONE Plastics.

Color Palettes: Palette creation brings color to life in PANTONE Studio. Members can build palettes consisting of up to five colors, selecting from color guides, extracting color from photos and images, searching by color number, and interacting with the custom palettes delivered by Pantone Color Institute™ (PCI). Additionally, designers can:

  • Name palettes and geotag locations;
  • Add tags that make palettes searchable;
  • Add inspirational images to serve as a personal mood board;
  • Store and manage an unlimited collection of palettes; and
  • Send palettes to Adobe Creative Cloud from within the app.

Within the Studio members can apply colors against different template designs including graphics, interiors, and typography. As an experimental feature, designers can also visualize PANTONE Colors on pliable 3D papers and fabrics.

Inspiration And Trend Information

A fundamental element to the human experience, color is the visual cue that creates a connection to the environment. PANTONE Studio enables members to capture inspiration in Pantone’s language and immediately start working with it.

Capturing Inspiration from the World Around You: Inspirational images – from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or a designer’s camera roll – become a designer’s palette in PANTONE Studio. Creating a palette at the point of inspiration is also simplified by the app’s camera and adjustable color picker, which pinpoints a specific set of PANTONE Colors from any image uploaded into the app.

Crowdsourcing Inspiration with ColourLovers: For designers looking to other artists for inspiration, PANTONE Studio is linked to the ColourLovers community. Members can scroll through designs organized by PANTONE Color and select palettes for use.

Trend Information from Pantone Color InstituteTM: PANTONE Studio brings PCI’s insights to designers through a convenient feed of content rich in color insight and imagery. PCI provides color trend forecasting, brand color development and product palette development information.

Regular content includes articles focused on the emotions, meanings, psychology and context behind particular colors. These articles will span of-the-moment topics, such as colors associated with influencers and trending topics in the design world.

PCI also delivers curated and contextual insights into PANTONE Colors, combinations and harmonies to PANTONE Studio members, ready to reference as inspiration or work into designs.

Sharing Color Socially

With an easy-to-use interface, sharing work on social media, sending ideas to clients or discussing color concepts with collaborators via email is easier than ever.

PANTONE Studio also provides a variety of formats for sharing colors and palettes, including incorporating the iconic Pantone chip as a solid and transparent overlay. Each shared color carries the Pantone name and number, ensuring that those who love the color will know which one to use.

Membership Plan And Availability

PANTONE Studio is now available for iOS download via the App Store and to existing users of the myPantone app.

For those wishing to explore the language of Pantone and share color socially, a basic version of PANTONE Studio is available as a free download, with the option to unlock total access to all Pantone tools and color intelligence through a subscription available via in-app purchase.

Subscriptions to access all Pantone colors, tools, and features are based on flexible annual pricing at $4.99/month ($59.99 billed upfront) or as a $7.99/monthly subscription.

PANTONE Studio subscribers will receive automatic feature updates, which will be rolling out over the next few months. Additionally, Pantone will introduce an enhanced iOS version for iPad, as well as Android, Windows and MAC OS Desktop versions.

Promotional pricing is available for existing myPantone app users.

Posted August 2, 2016