Apparel Company American Rhino Launches Website

BEVERLY, Mass. — Aug. 23, 2016 — Apparel company American Rhino has launched its new website at, the company president and Foundation director announced Tuesday.

American Rhino, founded in 2016, was created by the American Rhino Foundation, an active participant in on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect critically endangered and threatened African wildlife. A percentage of every American Rhino clothing item sold will go to the foundation. In turn, the foundation will fund conservancy groups in Africa. “Our website is critical to fulfilling our philanthropic mission,” said American Rhino president Chris Welles. “We believe American consumers can play a vital role in preserving African wildlife. In doing so, we help secure biodiversity and habitats so vital to Africa’s economy and future.”

“We wanted a cost-effective way to tell our story, and authenticity was crucial. We hired King Fish because of their strong track record creating digital content for apparel clients,” Welles said.

To create authenticity in the website’s look and feel, American Rhino partnered with King Fish to conduct a photo shoot in Africa. The goal: To showcase American Rhino’s rugged products in action. “I’ve been to Africa several times, and I’m always inspired by the landscape. I wanted to bring that inspiration to the website,” Welles said. The team shot on the slopes of Mount Kenya, in the Aberdare Mountains, the Maasai Mara National Reserve, and Nairobi.

Welles noted that King Fish also shot photos in other locations, including in-studio, to create the necessary product images, and was able to produce the website using cost-effective methods. Welles said he was pleased with King Fish’s ability to tell American Rhino’s multi-level story.  “We came to King Fish because of its success in digital marketing and project management experience,” Welles said. “The content and site design achieved my vision for the project. The website is crucial to building our identity and reaching consumers, and the final result has exceeded our expectations.”

Posted August 23, 2016

Source: American Rhino