Creative Ticking Partners With Devan Chemicals, Offers Thermic® QuickDry Technology

GASTONIA, N.C. — July 20, 2016 — Creative Ticking is pleased to announce an agreement with Belgium-based Devan Chemicals to offer the chemical company’s Thermic® QuickDry technology on any of the fabrics Creative Ticking manufactures. Creative Ticking’s mattress fabrics treated with Thermic QuickDry absorb excess heat and slows the rate at which skin temperature rises, allowing the sleeper to stay in the ideal “comfort zone” throughout the night.

Thermic QuickDry is a combination of thermoregulation and quick dry technologies designed to provide optimal sleep comfort. This cooling technology is unique in the market and allows thermoregulation to be achieved without affecting the hand of the fabric, thanks to Devan’s patented technology.

“We spent time studying the current cooling technologies available in the market and Thermic QuickDry stood out for performance and value,” said Scott Frisch, vice president of business development at Creative Ticking. “We want to be the leader in this category because we believe there is a large opportunity to bring cooling technology to all market sectors. This partnership is yet another way we can continue to provide performance inspired fabrics to our customers.”

Aside from comfort, cooling is routinely cited by consumers as the most important feature of a good night’s sleep. As such, many mattress manufacturers are looking for ways to make their products cooler and more responsive to an individual’s micro climate.

Posted July 26, 2016

Source: Creative Ticking