New Era For Denim Industry Starts: Robots Are In Action

ISTANBUL, Turkey — June 28, 2016 —  Operating in denim industry since many years, Vav Technology has been able to determine the health and safety deficit in the sector and accordingly, launched 2 new unique robots that imitate human hands in perfect standards.

Until a denim material reaches to its usage stage, its becoming exposed to many different processes like sandblasting, different washing systems etc. These operations  provide denim a more added value by the effects given.

In the past, sandblasting operations have been performed by the denim workers however because of its cancerogenic and negative effects on human health, it has been banned.

Alternating to it, the denim producers have been started “hand scraping’’ to get natural worn effects. Even though the results have been successful, the process has been too costly and hard.

Nowadays, these processes are being able to performed by VAV laser machines with less labor cost, less energy consumption, less chemicals and zero health problems. Laser system is able to give natural effects to denim just like its been made by human hand.

However, laser completely is not enough getting the most advanced effects. The potassium permanganate (PP) application is also needed after the laser process to get more natural, distinct, lighter and intended results.

As the PP application is a very hazardous process on human health and unfortunately is still getting used in denim industry, Vav Technology is developed an  innovative solution to prevent insecure and dangerous effects of scraping and PP processes, and  created two intelligent robots that imitate human hand by cloning the best worker by Clone Mac 10AX AN recording method.

With ERASER MD48 SCRAPING ROBOT, Vav Technology has been able to take the scraping tool from human hand and transplant it to robotic arms. By this way, the standardization in scraping process is achieved as well as labor mistakes, health problems, production capasity have been increased (App. 4000 trousers a day).

DA VINCI OB48 SPRAYING ROBOT, brings solution to dangerous chemical processes for lighting denim wit potassium permanganate . With this robotic system, the robotic arms copy the human movement and spray the water based chemicals on denim in a standardized amount each time. By this way, none of the workers are exposed to dangerous effects of the chemical. High productivity with very fast activity (App.6000 pants a day).

Both Eraser MD48 and Da Vinci OB48 robots have been created with Vav’s 8 years long R&D studies and long experience in the industry. With all the machines and robots created, the company is mainly aiming to provide health and environment friendly production solutions as well as to reach high quality and high productivity  with less labor and production cost, less energy consumption, and less labor mistake.

Posted June 30, 2016