Technotape Opts For Sawgrass As Preferred Partner For 3D Sublimation Oven

SHEFFIELD, England — May 25, 2016 — The Sawgrass VJ 628 printer has been chosen as a preferred partner for sublimating with Technotape’s newly developed state-of-the art 3-D sublimation oven, which combines ease-of-use and a low ecological footprint to enable product decorators to imprint onto curved substrates.

The Technotape 3-D sublimation oventakes the sublimation process to the next dimension has been designed with high volume customisation and personalisation applications in mind, while at the same time combining high quality and ease-of-use.

Sublimation is widely known for 2-D applications, such as t-shirts, photo panels and other flat substrates. 3-D sublimation is a relatively new process that adds a vacuum, making it ideal for the production of 3-D smartphone and tablet cases or curved products.

“The versatility of the Sawgrass VJ 628 printer makes it the perfect solution for a number of different production processes,” said Vik Patel, Director of Business Development for Sawgrass. “We are excited that with our Platinum reseller Technotape, we can continue to be a part of the growing 3-D market. We can see this opening up some very exciting opportunities for product decorators worldwide.”

For the first stage of the production process, Technotape recommends generating prints with the Virtuoso 630 mm 8-Colour HD Product Decorating System and Sawgrass SubliJet-HD Pro Photo inks, both SGIA 2015 Product of the Year winners. Featuring a best-in-class high-speed Mutoh print engine with the patented i2 print technology that eliminates banding, the Sawgrass VJ 628 Printer can print a full-bleed on 610 mm products and resolution up to 1440 x 1440 dpi.

Technotape specifically chose the VJ 628 because of its integration with Ergosoft RIP software, which controls the ink levels on the transfer film and ensures rich, vibrant colours across a wide variety of image types and substrates.

The high yield formulation and eight-colour configuration of SubliJet-HD Pro Photo Sublimation inks also played an important role in Technotape’s decision to partner with Sawgrass. These unique high density inks deliver expanded gamut up to 548,000 colours and true photographic-quality output. Sawgrass will also use the eight channel capability of the VJ 628 in the near future to introduce additional ink sets with expanded gamut and fluorescent inks for spot colour applications.

For the second production stage, Technotape’s oven offers a high quality and easy-to-use solution that is compact, stackable and keeps noise levels low. “We have been working for the past two years to develop a new technology that will take sublimation to the next level,” states Bonne Klein Woolthuis, Managing Director of Technotape International. “We have developed a 3D sublimation oven that required the best technology and software available in the market and we immediately opted for Sawgrass.”

Central to the solution is Technotape’s jig positioning tool, Click a Jig. A set of provided jig pins can be easily screwed into a base plate in different combinations to offer great versatility. A PLC colour display provides up-to-the-moment production information such as the heating time before vacuum, the 5-minute cycle time and the easily adaptable temperature. Other important features include low power consumption, a built-in vacuum pump and a 25 percent reduction in foil usage, compared to other devices.

Posted May 26, 2016

Source: Sawgrass